Dear Highlands Inn family,

We are writing to you with a special announcement: We have decided that it is time for us to sell the Inn, and we wanted our Highlands Inn family to be the first to know.

Thank you to all of our guests, performers, family and friends who have supported us while we have been the innkeepers of this lesbian paradise. It truly has been an honor to tend this amazing space.

We are announcing the sale of the Inn to our Highlands Inn family, prior to releasing the listing to the public. Since 1983, the Highlands Inn has been welcoming lesbians to this incredibly beautiful and safe space. It is our deepest hope that we will be passing the torch to another lesbian to continue in this tradition.

If you are interested in purchasing the Inn, please call us and we will be happy to answer any questions you have. Or, you can contact our realtor Mary Doherty at If you know of someone in the community who may be interested, please feel free to forward this email.  

This is a process that is likely to take some time. We want you to know that we remain open for business. We hope you will plan your next visit, when it is safe for you to travel. 

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and friendship. We look forward to welcoming you very soon.

All our best,
Jenny and Gia