Greetings, My Friends !

A fter a snowy and dreary winter, we anticipated the arrival of Spring with pleasurable excitement.
We could hardly wait to feel the warmth of early sunbeams tickling our skin, to breath in the refreshing odor of cherry blossoms and green grass, and see the beauty of colorful flowerbeds.

There are always so many reasons to love Spring, but one of the most important events for all Christians is the great Spring holiday of Easter.
The Christian Church celebrates the day of Jesus Christ’s Resurrection with solemnness and deep veneration. However, non-denominational and non-religious groups also revel in Easter festivities; such as Easter egg hunts, festivals, crafts, parades, and fun indoor and outdoor family activities--usually coupled with Spring Break.
As it happens every year, Happy Easter 2019 also brings Hope, New Expectations, Love and Changes for the Better. It is an unmatched pleasure for everybody to share the sincere joy of Easter ideas with loved ones and put aside all the ill feelings, troubles, challenges and sorrows in this happy and reflective period. 

May the blessings of Easter fill your home and heart!
May you and your loved ones enjoy a happy and safe Easter
Holiday weekend!

Love & Blessings,
Hattie (Aunt Hattie)
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