Dearest 3rd Street Family, 

As another year comes to an end, I wanted to reach out to our family with thanks and deep gratitude. Your commitment to 3rd Street Youth Center & Clinic has been inspiring and helped make 2021 downright game-changing...3rd Street now reaches more than 1600 young people across the entire San Francisco Bay Area annually

With the trust and confidence of the youth in San Francisco, this year we deepened our valued partnership with San Francisco’s Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing. Together, we opened San Francisco’s newest investment in youth homelessness, the Lower Polk TAY Navigation Center. The Nav Center is a safe place for young people ages 18-27 to live, learn job skills, and build emotional health and well-being as they move from homelessness to permanent homes. In 10 months, we have served 221 youth and housed 24% of Nav residents (with an average stay of 44 days).

The pandemic has been rough on all of our mental health and well-beingespecially our young people. We made a huge investment in our Behavioral Health Services and staff development. Once a modest team of two behavioral health clinicians, we are currently adding more than fourteen clinicians that include therapists, clinical social workers, and clinical directors! Our behavioral health team will be in our local schools, youth clinics, housing programs, the TAY Nav Center, and of course, around the community. We are committed to providing free quality culturally and developmentally appropriate services for young people. If you are interested in joining our family or know someone who might be, please read about our open positions here.

Though the excitement of growth and change is energizing, it does not distract us from our communityBayview Hunters Point. Bayview Hunters Point is still a food desert. Its rich culture remains undervalued by most of San Francisco. Our neighborhood’s young people face unemployment, violence, and obstacles many of us have never dreamed of. It is their lives and stories that fuel our mission and that elevate the work of 3rd Street’s dedicated team of more than 50 employees. (Remember when there were only three or four of us at the All Night Market?)

With that in mind, if you are a young person who needs support, 3rd Street can help you access food, housing, employment, and medical and mental health care. If we don’t have what you need, we won’t stop until we help you find it. We are a family of caring adults who are committed to serving YOU.

If you are one of our valued supporters or community members, consider helping 3rd Street raise $10,000 for our holiday campaign, Mental Health Matters. Believe me, it does. The common thread we see across all of our services and programsfood access, employment, college, housing, and medicalis that young people accomplish very little if they do not have emotional and mental health. Your support, no matter the amount, will make sure we have the team and resources to help youth feel strong and healthy.

Again, on behalf of 3rd Street’s youth and staff, THANK YOU for your commitment to our excellence. With you behind us, each day we’re able to help youth realize their full potential and make sure they can take advantage of every opportunity this great city has to offer. Together, we will continue to do so.

Happy Holidays,
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