Comrades and Friends,

Amid the panic buying and so-called directives from Governor Newsom concerning the COVID-19 outbreak, you may be wondering what is happening with our Post, specifically whether we will close or cancel events.

Please understand that, although some news outlets are making it sound as though the governor's directives are an enforceable order, they are in fact a request and recommendation at this time. Several Posts, notably Post 716 in Los Alamitos, are following that recommendation. Others, such as Post 295 are remaining open. All post leadership teams are constantly reassessing the situation, as it changes almost daily.

At this time, I feel it is important for us to remain connected to our membership. The governor and the CDC remind us that they are most concerned with gatherings of 50 or more. Unless we are having a major event, our post rarely exceeds that number at any given time. Therefore, at this time, the Post will remain open during normal business hours. This includes the main facility, clubroom and, depending on the meal, the kitchen when meals for small groups are normally scheduled (Taco Thursdays, PopUp Dining, etc.). Large events such as sit-down dinners and dances will be postponed for the time being. Volunteer Bartenders and maintenance crews at the post have been directed to sanitize daily and insure a clean environment for our members.

I urge everyone to take the normal precautions as one would with any virus that we encounter this time of year . That is, wash your hands frequently with soap and water; use hand sanitizer when washing is not practical; cover your sneeze and cough with your sleeve or a tissue; do not touch your face with an unwashed hand; practice "social distancing".

Additionally if you feel sick or display symptoms of the flu or cold, do not attend functions or social gatherings at the post (or anywhere else). We will see you when you are well again.

Please understand, this situation is fluid and changing moment to moment. Although we remain open at this time, we may have to adjust the situation at the post either by modifying hours or closing altogether for a period of time. We will notifiy you through email and social media if that should happebn. In the meantime, if you feel up to it and would like to socialize, the post is open during its normal hours of operation and we hope to see you there.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please don't hesitate to call or text me at (714) 206-6398.

P.S. Our members can count on each other. If you have decided to self-isolate due to the situation and find you are in need of supplies or assistance, please call me or one of the leadership team to assist you. Just because you are at home, doesn't mean you are not one of us. And, we take care of our own.

For God and Country,

Commander Jeff
The American Legion Post 555
The American Legion Albert E. Schwab
Post 555