A Giving Tuesday Message from Daniel Rogers
This year’s Giving Tuesday presents a rare and unique opportunity for Lakeside.
I understand that in past years Giving Tuesday has been project-based. The sports courts in Bettinger Park, the Steele Memorial Bandstand Gazebo, Rhein Center and Pavilion are just some of the many locations that have benefitted from Giving Tuesday in past years. These improvements and projects have greatly impacted the Chautauqua experience and made our infrastructure and grounds more robust, beautiful and useful for all families and friends.
However, this year’s Giving Tuesday will benefit every aspect of our home. This year’s Giving Tuesday, which supports the Lakeside Annual Fund, underwrites all the programs and cherished Lakeside traditions you and your family love.
Your gift to Lakeside on (or before) December 1 for
Giving Tuesday supports:

  • Your family’s beautiful walk along the lakefront. When you admire the landscaping and beauty of Lakeside’s grounds, remember that the maintenance and care of these gardens is only made possible through the Lakeside Annual Fund.

  • Your spouse’s favorite educational lecture. When you are intrigued and inspired by the experts at the Chautauqua Lecture Series, remember that educational programs like these are only made possible through the Lakeside Annual Fund.

  • Your grandchildren’s favorite Hoover performance. When you are fascinated and entertained by Hoover performances, remember that programming acts like these are only made possible through the Lakeside Annual Fund.

  • Your friend’s opportunity to attend inspiring dockside worship services at sunset. When you are uplifted and motivated by a dockside worship service, remember that religious services like these are only made possible through the Lakeside Annual Fund.  
Giving Tuesday is one week away
When you consider giving a gift on (or before) December 1, consider these treasured traditions and memories. Consider your ancestors who helped create these traditions and your great grandchildren of tomorrow who have yet to enjoy these traditions. You have already helped Lakeside attain a net surplus that is on target with Lakeside’s original pre-COVID-19 budget. Your support this fiscal year has thus far helped bridge the gap and reduce the projected annual deficit. Now that you helped Lakeside enter the fall without a deficit from the 2020 Chautauqua season, let’s honor our traditions together by raising an additional $1 million by the end of the fiscal year (March 31).

If we join together, with our love and passion for Lakeside in mind, this year’s Giving Tuesday will truly make a difference and create a lasting impact for generations to come. Your gift this Giving Tuesday will significantly reduce debt and result in no additional loans, allowing our community to move into 2021 in a secure financial position which will prime us for future success.

Together, we can work through these uncertain circumstances and continue to be the wonderful community so many of you call home.
Daniel Rogers
Lakeside Chautauqua President & CEO
Lakeside Chautauqua Foundation President
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