Exciting Changes at The Fire Within Yoga

Hello yogi's! I'm thrilled to share some exciting news with you. Starting September 7th I will begin my training to become a certified Unnata Aerial instructor. Training is an intense 3-week program, after which I will return to the studio ready to turn your yoga practice upside down...literally.

You're probably thinking "what is aerial yoga?" and "Lindsey is crazy if she thinks I'm hanging upside down," both of which are valid concerns. :) So, let me rewind and give you some background on Unnata Aerial yoga and my decision to add it to The Fire Within Yoga.

While I was preparing to move from the original location at my home, to our current studio, I was thinking about my goals for this space. I had a burning desire to create a one-of-a-kind wellness experience; a place people could find grace, healing and growth. One Tuesday night I woke up at 3:42 am with a vision of aerial yoga in my head and I knew I wanted to share this experience with the community. A few minutes later I was researching online and found instructor certification was only offered once a year to a very select number of applicants. Hopeful, I submitted my registration and online interview, and then began to wait. I waited for months, getting no response. While I was in Guatemala, (my favorite place on earth), I received an email from the instructor. Before I opened the email I said a little prayer and started to cry, knowing this email may change my path. I was overwhelmed with emotion to find out I was one of only seven people selected to go through the training program! Needless to say, we celebrated with lots of wine that night.

So, what does this mean for you? First off, I've found some excellent subs to cover my classes in September. After my training is complete, I will offer Friday morning classes again (yay!). Soon, we will start construction to add aerial trapeze slings to the large studio. Mid-October I will offer workshops on Sunday evenings for you to become comfortable with the aerial equipment and learn some basic aerial yoga poses. You must take one of these workshops before taking a class. Aerial classes will be offered twice a week, in addition to our current schedule. Separate aerial packages will be available for purchase in October.

So yogi's here we go on another crazy adventure. If you want to learn more about Unnata Aerial before I introduce it in October, here are some articles and videos I find helpful.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns--I'm sure you can tell I'm passionate about this new program. I'm honored and excited to bring Unnata Aerial to this community, and that you've chosen to join me in this crazy ride. I have big plans, and even bigger dreams, for this studio. My heart is overflowing and your continued support is appreciated. Thank you!


Schedule Changes and Reminders

The new fall schedule is effective Tuesday, September 5th.
Kids Yoga will now be Wednesday night from 6-7 pm followed by a new Mixed Level Yoga class (great for beginners!).
Power yoga will be offered Thursday mornings and a new Hatha Yoga class will be held Thursday evenings.
Saturday morning classes are back and better than ever.
There will be no Friday classes held in September, but will resume on October 6th.

Please see our website for all schedule updates. See you soon!
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