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                     A Special Shabbat Message 
Friday, March 13

18 Adar ~ Light Shabbat candles at 6:17 p.m.  

Rabbi and I have spent considerable time this week monitoring the progress of the Corona virus while simultaneously seeking out the best medical guidance and best practices to employ at Kehillah. One thing has become clear, this novel virus will require all of us to make many adjustments in our lives.
At this point in time Rabbi and I feel that the Kabbalat service scheduled for tomorrow night be cancelled. Our major concern is the health and well-being of our community. With that in mind, we have taken the initial steps to research and secure digital technology so that we may connect our members in the same manner as schools and businesses are now doing. The first planed use of a digital platform, likely Zoom, will be for Torah Talk on March 21st. This is business as usual, 21st century style.
A concern in cancelling services and other opportunities to spend time with each other is that it isolates us at a time when we probably should be more connected. Just as schools and businesses are doing, over the coming weeks we at Kehillah will learn the ways that work best for connecting our community. It is my hope and belief that we will adapt and ultimately grow comfortable using our computers or phones at those times coming to our building is impractical or ill-advised. And, when things return to the new normal, we will have an additional tool to provide access for those challenged by health or distance.
Stay tuned for more information.
Shabbat Shalom,
Our new Virtual Synagogue Community is on its way!
While we love gathering together, sharing hugs and laughs, comforting and celebrating, and just being present for one another, we are now embarking upon an unprecedented experience. I look forward to still being present for one another, albeit differently from our beautiful communal norm. It won't replace the specialness of being in the same physical space, but we can indeed 'be present' for one another.
In the days ahead, you will hear more from us about what being a 'virtual community' means and what it will look like: Kabablat Shabbat, daily classes, conversation...Your ideas will help shape the process further. 

In the meantime, sign up for Zoom at - there is no cost to you (let us know if you need technical help).
COVID-19 may be another 'plague' added to our Seder readings this year. Our Jewish teachings would ask us to take appropriate steps, be extra cautious, but don't panic. Worrying too much is a malady we know only too well. It is always good to offer prayers, be more compassionate, and give tzedakah.
The link below is a cute one minute video by filmmaker Tiffany Shlain with her 10 and 11 year old daughters. Great to share with your families. Proper hand-washing (and I emphasize 'proper') goes a long way to helping us always.
More to come...

Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Sharfman

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