Dear FBCAC Family and Friends:

I can’t begin to thank God enough for bringing Jill and me to this church over 16 years ago. I can still remember my first sermon preached in November of 2003 on the prayer of Jabez as I challenged my new church family to believe God for enlarging our territory so that we can powerfully share the love of God to as many people as possible through the gospel of Christ.

Well, here we are all these years later with over 800 sermons preached and it’s so fulfilling to know that God did indeed take us up on that challenge of expanding our reach to the world and our effectiveness with God’s word.

As I wrote in my resignation letter three weeks ago, “We have worked arm in arm to show the love of God to a lost world through our deep commitment to being, ‘The CURE for the common church.’ We have prayed together, evangelized together, worshipped together, battled together and served together over the years” this has all been done by the power of God working in us and through us!

I am confident that I am leaving you in the compassionate and competent hands of Pastor Jeremy. He is ready to serve you with his dynamic spiritual giftings that will guide the FBC family into the new decade that starts in just a few weeks.

Every one of you has had a part in loving him and inspiring him to be all that he can be for Christ and His church. Pastor Jeremy is where he is today because of the amazing grace of God and the abundant love of our church family.

It’s still hard to believe that Jill and I will be leaving all of you all in just a few months. As we start preparing for our departure to Southern California, our minds are already being flooded with so many memories that overwhelm our emotions at times. But these memories and emotions will carry us into our next chapter of life and ministry.

In Christ’s love,

Pastor Dave


Dear FBCAC Family and Friends:

I'm sure that many of us can relate to the fact that God works in the realm of the unimaginable and the unexpected!

I'm reminded of the proverb "Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand."

No other verse encapsulates the thoughts and emotions that surround this transition that we as a church body are heading into in the coming months. And its quite fitting that this is all coming in time of not only a new year, but a new decade. This new frontier is met with virtually every emotion possible - sadness for the end of an era; nerves of the unknown horizon; excitement for how God is going to move in the future; peace in the moment, knowing God is in control of everything!

But as Monica and I first processed the news a couple months ago and began to consider if this is God's will for us, our family, and our church, we immediately agreed that one emotion would not play a part in our decision-making, and that's fear. Fear has no place in the life of a child of God, but perfect love casts out fear. And if there's one thing we've learned during our time as part of the FBCAC family, the love of God is intrinsic in who we are as a body of believers.

We've worshiped together. We've served together. We've laughed together, and cried together. We've learned together, and we've grown together. And this is why I can step confidently into this new role as your senior pastor. We have lived life together in so many meaningful and impactful ways over the years, that it only makes sense for God to give me this opportunity to continue the good work we've enjoyed together for over ten years now.

At first I balked momentarily at this whole idea, because I'm well aware of whom I'm replacing. It's an understatement to say that Pastor Dave has set the bar extremely high. God has used his gifting and talents over the past 16 years to grow this church into an amazing group of too-blessed-to-be-stressed, Satan-sassing followers of Jesus who truly seek to know God and make Him known. Pastor Dave has established a legacy of shepherding, teaching, and loving God's church that, quite honestly, will never be matched! I've been blessed to call him Pastor, teacher, mentor, co-servant, and most importantly, friend.

But I've also found peace in knowing that God isn't calling me to be "Pastor Dave 2.0" , but rather is calling me to be everything that He's designed me to be. By the power of His word and the presence of His church, God has grown me into who I am today. And God has given me a vision that I look forward to sharing with you all as we head into a new year, a new decade, and a new era in the life of the FBCAC community.

Thank you for loving and trusting Monica and me and allowing us to serve you and to lead you into this new era together. We consider this the greatest honor and approach this new opportunity with great care and concern. We will deeply miss Pastor Dave and Jill, and will be ever grateful and indebted for their love and care for us all over the years.

Now that we are being called into a new chapter, let's remember the constant reminder and encouragement to press on together.

We love you!

Pastor Jeremy and Monica

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