News and Updates
Morning drop off reminders

Please remember that we are running three drop off lines for primary in the morning. Blue and yellow lines are in the front of the school and green is on the north side of the school. 

  • When you pull up in the blue and yellow lines (in front of primary), make sure you pull all the way up to align with the cones to unload. Drop off all of your students at once in this area. Please do not pull farther up in the line to drop off another student, as this backs up traffic. 
  • To keep our unloading area safe, please stay in the carline after unloading, until the first car in line is ready to move; do not pull out into another lane to leave once you finish unloading. 
  • Primary parents are more than welcome to drop off in the blue lane as long as your child can successfully walk by themselves to the crosswalk and cross to primary. 
  • Please be cautious of any students as they are unloading/crossing/standing in the unloading area. 

Thank you for all that you do to keep this process safe and running smoothly each day, and thank you to our volunteers who help open doors for our younger students!
Safety Drills

Meridian follows the Standard Response Protocol for emergency procedures, and we are conducting safety drills over the next few months. Not all drills will be announced in advance. Each drill will be repeated during After School activities. 

Our next drill takes place the week of November 2.

It will be a "hold" drill, where students and teachers stay inside the classroom for a few minutes while we clear hallways. After School families: we will notify you via PikMyKid before the drill happens; pick up will pause during the drill itself.
Specials for Distance Learners

As a reminder, the six core specials classes are mandatory for all students. These include art, music, Spanish, P.E., and Health and Wellness for all grades, as well as Media Literacy for K-3 and French for 4-5.

Assignments in these classes must be completed and grades are taken for these classes. Media Literacy for 4th and 5th and Counselor are not graded classes, but include skills that are important for students to be balanced learners. 
The first quarter specials grading policy has been posted in the announcements section of every specials class since early in September. For the first quarter this centered mostly on participation on Zoom and completion of specials assignments. For the second quarter, it will focus only on completion of specials assignments. Click here to view the grading policy for specials for the second quarter.
With the transition to in-person learning, the specials teachers will now spread out their assignments to help students stay organized. Check the calendars below to know what days each specials activity will be added for Distance Learners to complete.

Ms. Lieurance will also announce on the morning announcements which activity or activities to complete each day. Assignments are due that day. Late work will not be accepted after one full specials cycle. For example, if a music assignment is posted on Day 2, it will no longer be accepted when it is Day 2 again and a new music assignment is posted.

New Tools to Help Students with Dyslexia

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month! It is a time to raise awareness, share resources, and celebrate dyslexia successes. Here at Meridian, we have an amazing population of students with dyslexia. This month is a perfect time to share some new things that are happening in Primary Dyslexia.

Thanks to Texas International Baccalaureate Schools (TIBS) and Meridian’s Volunteers in Partnership, we received $2,000 to purchase eight c-pen readers for our dyslexic students to use in the classroom. Another project that has been in the pipeline for a while is creating a Dyslexia information page on our Meridian website. Look for this to launch in the coming weeks!  

TEA Special Education Survey

You are invited to fill out an anonymous 10-12 minute stakeholder survey about special education at Meridian School, LLC for the Texas Education Agency (TEA).
Triple A

Registration is now open for additional virtual Mandarin Chinese classes, with scholarship opportunities available. Email FLIEC for more information.

Spring Martial Arts registration begins on November 2, 2020 for returning Martial Arts participants and November 10, 2020 for new Martial Arts participants. Click here for more information.
STEM camp opportunity for 3rd- 5th graders

Meridian’s own Aparna Majety (junior) and her sister, Harini (freshman), are hosting a camp for students in grade 3-5 on how to code basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. STEM Camp runs during Thanksgiving break, Monday through Friday, from 10 am - noon.
Proposed 2021-2022 Meridian School Calendar

The proposed 2021-2022 school calendar will be presented to the Meridian Board for approval on November 5, 2020. The proposed calendar is almost identical to this year’s calendar.

Teachers, staff, and administrators have had the opportunity to see the calendar and report any concerns or to ask any questions. We would like to offer this same opportunity to our parents. If you have questions or concerns about the calendar, please send them to before November 5, 2020.
From the counselors

Read this week's Counselor Corner.

Speaker Presentation: Coping with Family Stress during the Time of COVID with Jenna Fleming
Our Speaker format today has changed to a pre-recorded presentation that can be accessed at your convenience. Coping with Family Stress during the time of COVID is timely, and it also addresses the understanding that our stresses during this time are complex and multilayered.

Families many need a few extra tools or words of encouragement to help support each other. Below is the recorded talk by the wonderful, returning Jenna Fleming.  
Enjoy at your leisure (Access Passcode: teachthem2love!). We plan for our next speaker to be "live" via Zoom, but these are complicated times, and so flexibility is our motto.
Additional Resources

Upcoming Events At-A-Glance
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Melissa Reese, Campus Principal
Ashley Larkey, Assistant Principal, Grades K,2,4
Beverly Al-Tabatabaie, Assistant Principal, Gr 1,3,5
Haven Fox, Counselor K-2nd Grade
Nancy Spence, Counselor 3rd-5th Grade
Susan Mais, Primary Special Education Coordinator
Leah Lieurance, PYP Coordinator
Emily Murray, Primary Attendance
Giving (Annual Fund & Car Decals)
Leslie Sterzinger, Chef & Food Services Director