Happy Birth, Aria!

On May 19th, 2016, Lindsay Vanir gives birth to her second child, Aria. Little does Lindsay know that twelve years from now, Aria will connect with good aliens and become the adventurous heroine in the Amazon best seller, "Mystical Aria: Seeking the Gallion Queen." Welcome to a friendly universe, Aria!

Famous People Born May 19th
Do you have family members or friends who were born on May 19th? Here's a list of seven famous people born on that date:

1. Sam Smith, singer and Grammy's 2015 Best New Artist
2. Ferdinand Magellan, first explorer to sail from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific (1480 - 1521)
3. Antoine Bournonville, former Ballet Master of the Royal Danish Ballet (1760 - 1843)
4. Lorraine Hansberry, first African-American to write a Broadway play (1930 - 1965)
5. Walter Russell, scientist of physics and cosmogony (1871 - 1963)
6. Nancy Astor, first female member of the British Parliament (1879 - 1964)
7. Johns Hopkins, philanthropist & founder of Johns Hopkins University / Hospital (1795 - 1873)
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Aria Vanir learns tough lessons about repressed anger and love from a spiritually advanced alien commander, Mitushi. He, in turn, discovers the best about humans by observing Aria's first memory as a newborn. How is a sword involved?

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Book Signings
Attending Claytor Lake Festival, June 11
I'm thrilled to go back to my hometown to attend the Claytor Lake Festival June 11, 2016, sponsored by the Fine Arts Center for the New River Valley, Virginia. I plan to have a booth for book sales/signings, readings, and fun surprises for the kids. So friends and family in Southwest Virgi nia, come see me at the Claytor Lake Festival! 

Claytor Lake Festival Discount: Tell me Aria's birth date, and I'll give you 10% discount on one paperback  version of Mystical Aria: Seeking the Gallion Queen.  

Quantities of books will be limited  at the Festival, so stop by my booth early. 

You may want to buy your boo k now and then bring it to the Festival for signing. Thank you so much for your support! 
Author Jean Neff Guthrie
Fun Facts About the Author
My mom summarized my birth in one word: hard. 

While growing up on on a farm and working for a veterinarian, I assisted in the birth of many calves. Some were easy. Others, like me, were "hard." Cows were quite protective of their calves.

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Aria Vanir with her Transmission Diary
Aria Vanir Speaks

Aria's First Memory

What is Aria's first memory as a newborn?

Find out when Aria's faces her greatest enemy in a challenge to prove worthy of meeting Nashata, Queen Supreme of the Gallions. 

Sun Wonders


Dear tDiary,

In the Spring, I look at the Sun and wonder what it would be like to spread so much warmth across the world. Must be a powerful star to do that. I wonder how many other suns and Earth-like planets are in the universe. Do other stars make flowers grow and tan people?

Your Voice for Sequel
Book two in the Mystical Aria series is a compilation of Aria Vanir's diary entries while she's aboard the alien superspaceship in Mystical Aria: Seeking the Gallion Queen. You will learn more about her girl-talk with Princess LeSom, alien technology she sees on the spaceship, what goes on in her mind during encounters with the Gallions, and her deepest feelings about the challenges she endures.

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Next time, you'll get hints about the upcoming sequel! 


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