Village Attorney John Dellagloria Clarifies Council Action and Conflict Resolution Process;
Mitigation, not Litigation
March 23, 2021
Village of Palmetto Bay
During last night's Special Council meeting, the Village Council voted unanimously to invoke the Florida Governmental Dispute Resolution Act, contesting the action of the Miami Transportation Planning Organization’s (TPO) approval of a bridge to be constructed along SW 87th Avenue between SW 164th Street and SW 163rd Terrace.

Last month, the Village Council invoked the same process with Miami-Dade County as a result of a resolution passed by the Board of County Commissioners calling for the bridge construction. It was explained at that time that the Conflict Resolution procedure voted on by the Village Council does not mean the Village has commenced a lawsuit against the County. The process first requires an informal negotiation, and then if necessary, a formal mediation process.

During last night's Special Council Meeting, the Village Council approved moving forward in the same manner with the TPO. It is important we clarify for all residents that, at this time only mediation and not litigation will occur with both, the County and the TPO. The attorney fees and costs will be in accord with what will hopefully be a resolution without the necessity of legal action, which is a decision the Village Council will not be required to consider until the mediation is concluded. At the present time, the mediation has not yet been scheduled.

John Dellagloria, JD
Village Attorney
Village of Palmetto Bay
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