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Changing Lives
September 24, 2020

We are disappointed and infuriated at the result of the Kentucky grand jury’s decision not to criminally charge any of the officers involved in the killing of Breonna Taylor, a 26 year-old emergency room technician and aspiring nurse, essentially holding no one accountable for the death of yet another African-American at the hands of police. This decision speaks to how far our system needs to improve in order to provide racial justice in this country.  We must ask ourselves - What is it going to take to create just systems for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in every state, city and town across this country?  
Black Lives Matter! Breonna Taylor’s life mattered! It has been 195 days since her death without justice, yesterday’s decision is yet another example of systemic racism and the public health crisis that is distressing our communities.
We mourn with the Taylor family and share in their disbelief, sadness, and anger. 
We at Community Teamwork will continue to do our part to fulfill our mission to be a catalyst for social change – in this case, advocating for social and racial justice in all that we do. 

Executive Management Team and Diversity and Inclusion Committee

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