Community Members:

As the Pikes Peak Community Foundation, our charge is to build, strengthen, and improve the quality of life for all citizens of the Pikes Peak Region. We do this by working closely with those who generously share their financial wealth for the benefit of others. We also work alongside the many nonprofits who strive to serve those most in need and who suffer from the inequities in our society.
We are saddened by the recent events in Minneapolis and around our country, and we are even more troubled and concerned by the hurt, pain, and suffering expressed by so many in our own community. Their pain is not simply a result of a single event; rather, this pain, suffering, and disenfranchisement has persisted for years.
Know that we care deeply about this community and the well-being of all citizens; We condemn racism in any form. We are proud of the work we have done to support the most vulnerable in our community, but we know we can do more. It is our responsibility to understand, to listen, to care, and, ultimately, to change in order to ensure a better quality of life for everyone.
We are committed to working together with you and those suffering most in our community.
Gary Butterworth, CEO                 Tony Rosendo, Board Chair

Pikes Peak Community Foundation
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