A Statement from
The AIA LI Chapter Board of Directors
Silence will only perpetuate the social injustice built into society. At this point in our history, we as a community are engaged in an uncomfortable but necessary dialog. All of us must participate if we hope to move forward. The AIA Long Island Board of Directors is trying to consider the many diverse experiences and divergent perspectives. We recognize this process will not yield a clear consensus or a simple solution but we feel it is important to include our membership in the conversation.

The AIA Long Island Board of Directors joins our wider community in mourning the succession of tragic events that culminated in Minneapolis. It is another reminder that we all must stand up for equality for all people and communities. It is the duty of all institutions, including the AIA, to reform itself and society in order to safeguard the health, safety, and welfare of all people.

As architects we shape the built environment. We must ensure that the environments we create promote the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Architects must design for all people, no matter color, race, gender, sexual orientation, or physical abilities. We must strive to include under-represented groups and guarantee equitable treatment.

AIA Long Island is not alone in this sentiment, nor do we pretend to express it completely or sufficiently.We would encourage everyone to read the statements issued by:

We appeal to all our members to raise their voice and work for equity and justice. We must take an active role in eliminating discrimination wherever it exists; in our community, in our work places, and in our chapter. AIA Long Island is forming an Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Committee . This is just a small step in a larger, but necessary, transformation.

We encourage all of our members to participate and support its efforts and to reach out beyond our membership to engage any who may not have felt welcome in the past.

The AIA Long Island Board of Directors support the social reforms currently underway. We seek to carry this spirit of healing reconciliation into the chapter. Let us continue the discussion and work together for unity, equity, and inclusion.