An update from us on worship and gathering procedures
Greetings Church Family, 

On Friday, May 14, 2021, North Carolina’s governor lifted gathering limits, social distancing limits, and most mask restrictions.  Therefore, with this news we are excited to welcome everyone back to worship and small group gatherings.  

We are aware that while many in our congregation have had their vaccine and others have not.  We ask for a heart of charity as we all enter into this time of transition.  

We recognize that some remain comfortable with masks and social distancing and still plan to do so. We will reserve the back half of the sanctuary on the lectern side (in front of the sound booth) for any who wish to maintain socially distance. Anyone who feels more comfortable wearing a mask please continue to do so. It is also strongly encouraged that unvaccinated persons still wear a mask while indoors. 

Also, children/youth ages 5 years and older are still also strongly encouraged to wear masks until they are able to be vaccinated. 

Please remember, singing can only be done while masked at this time due to the projection of the droplets. If you choose to not wear a mask to church we do ask that you refrain from singing or bring your mask with you to wear while singing. 

We have been intentional about doing no harm throughout this year of restrictions.  We will continue to make modifications as needed. We thank you for your patience and faithfulness. 

The Reopening Task Force at Myers Memorial UMC
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