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JANUARY 2014   
Student-Based Budgeting (also known as Weighted Student Funding or Fair Student Funding) continues to gain traction across the country. But moving from promise to reality is no easy task, and it may not even be the right move for all districts. How should district leadership assess their financial and strategic position, and make the right decision for students and teachers?
In this issue we bring you tools to help answer that question, as well as a spotlight on reforms to teacher compensation in Tennessee and Georgia. 

This step-by-step guide provides district leaders key questions to ask, practical next steps, and stories of other districts' choices. You will learn how to:

  • Ask the right "big-picture" questions about your district's readiness for SBB
  • Decide which resources to unlock
  • Build the funding formula
  • Rethink principal and district office roles
You can also learn how:
  • Denver expanded its system over time
  • Baltimore created school-support teams 
  • Boston engaged the community

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This interactive online tool allows leaders to grade their district on funding equity, transparency, and flexibility.

Karen Hawley Miles spoke with EdWeek for an article on how districts are rethinking their resources in the context of tightening budgets.

SBB: Got Questions?

We're hosting an interactive webinar with ERS experts and district leaders to discuss the principles in the Guide. 


The Department of Ed and districts across the state are working together to reform teacher compensation.


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Marietta, Georgia, is extending the reach of excellent teachers and reimbursing teachers in research-backed ways.


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