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For Openers...
Dear Friends,

Seeing is believing. And, when you see the video below featuring one of our partners, you will believe even more in Fit Kids' impact on the 20,000-plus youth we serve.
We hope that the passion and commitment to Fit Kids you saw in that video inspire you to donate by the end of 2020 and bring a happy, hopeful end to such a challenging year.

The Best-Ever Thank You Card
The first 2,000 Fit Kits that we sent for free to underserved schools contained small pieces of exercise equipment and stamped, addressed post cards so kids could tell us what they thought of their kits. When the first card arrived back at our office, we knew were on the right track!
For a gift of $25 per bag, you can help us equip more kids with these resources!
Welcoming our New Partner: NB3 Foundation
Fit Kids recently partnered with The Notah Begay III (NB3) Foundation, which will use our resources for youth fitness training. Founded by the four-time PGA Tour event winner and former Stanford University golfer, the NB3 Foundation is changing the lives of Native American children by supporting and funding Native-driven, culturally centered programs and by providing direct opportunities for Native youth to live healthy, active lives.
News You Can Use
Keeping tabs on media coverage and initiatives that address the health and fitness challenges facing our nation's youth:

(U.S. News & World Report)

(The Washington Post)

(The New York Times)

(Modern Wellness Guide)
Please Connect Us!
Do you know of a school or community organization that might want Fit Kids? We are always looking for introductions! Please share this video with them and help spread the word about our programs.
If you can connect us to interested schools or organizations, please email Fit Kids Marketing and Communications Consultant David Jacobson with your suggestions.