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As I speak with students, parents, and alumni,and read survey comments and e-mails, one thing is consistent -- the faculty make Westminster what it is. Their relationships, love, knowledge, wisdom, and professionalism means so much to so many. Our faculty has carried the banner for Westminster for nearly 40 years now and we want to build on top of that foundation for the next 40 years. The goals you read above will help to continually improve and strengthen current faculty members and attract the next generation. Allow me to point out just a few things from the list above that I think you should notice.
The first goal is one that is more challenging to attain than one might imagine. Finding mature Christian teachers that are knowledgeable, experienced, qualified, diverse, and live here or are willing to move here, is a challenge. The Lord has blessed us to this point, but we also know we need to be even better with respect to finding the very best faculty members. We must search locally as well as more broadly to find the best, most qualified, and diverse candidates to serve our students and families. While the Lord has blessed Westminster with some faculty members who have made WCA their home for many years, retirement comes, families are started, and moves out of the area are inevitable. We must continually seek the very best candidates for faculty positions and this strategic imperative directs our efforts.
The other goals more generally involve the development of teachers and the priority we must place on their spiritual maturation as well as their professional growth. Additionally, these goals recognize the importance of faculty involvement in leadership, culture, curriculum, and decisions. A bold and very important goal is that we move to a place where the pay and benefits reflects the the truth that they are among the best educators in Acadiana. Finally, I know we all desire a faculty that is fully engaged and invested in all things Westminster.
Please pray for our faculty and leadership as we progress to meet these challenging goals. The faculty is the heartbeat of any school and we want the heartbeat at Westminster to be STRONG. Let's continue toward these goals in a cooperative and prayerful manner.
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Mrs. Arias Lafayette Campus K5

For 25 years Jesus has filled my cup one day at a time in a classroom that belongs to Him.  I've had the privilege of watching children learn to sound out words and discover the fun of  number patterns, but by far, my greatest joy is the individual faces I recall of children who stepped  from knowledge about Christ, into actual fellowship with Him. I can testify that they are not  too young, and I love working alongside parents who share that vision.

Mr. Laberteaux Opelousas Campus High School Biology and Environmental Science Teacher

I have been with WCA for 17 years.  I have had the opportunity to develop techniques that make the area of science real and of interest. I have always seen my job as providing opportunities to stimulate curiosity about things in the world and how they work. If students are curious about something, they are more inclined examine and dig deeper. Learning starts here. I have found many different approaches to stimulate this curiosity and continue to look for new ways as I develop my skills as an educator. 

My time at WCA has given me time to grow in my relationship with the Father, be accessible to my family to a greater degree, and allow time for healing and growth in my church family. I brought my family to WCA because I wanted my children to be educated in an environment where Christ is at the center. If Christ is at the center, excellence will be encouraged and developed. 

One thing I've learned is you are able to make a greater impact on students if you are involved in their lives outside of class. I have had the privilege to go with students to Washington D.C. for 14 years. I was there to see students experience flying in an airplane for the first time, spend long days walking over 20 miles in extreme weather, helped students find family in Arlington cemetery and pay respects with them, I watched students make etchings of families names on the Vietnam Wall, and had the opportunity to roll down the hill at Mount Vernon with my students to name a few experiences. I was involved in challenging students the years I coached them in Middle School football, and we rejoiced together in 2002 when we won the league championship. These experiences I believe have helped me reach them on a level I never would have if I just interacted with them in class.

One of the most precious moments for me as an educator, is when I have former students come up to me a tell me they are pursuing a career in science. It helps me realize that maybe I had some small role to play in encouraging them to pursue a job in a field that I am very passionate about.
Mrs. Bonner Lafayette Campus 5th & 6th Grade Teacher

I have been with WCA for 23 years. Professionally, I am a more confident teacher and better able to serve the students in all areas of their lives. Having taught for so many years, I can spent time sharing stories of my life and how to deal in situations. My walk with the Lord has deepened and grown now that I can see Him at work in all areas of my life. I love my job and being here at WCA. My greatest investment has been my commitment and strong love for the kids. God meets us every morning and waits for us to arrive and be His hands and feet. It's Not About Us It's All About Him!!!!!!!
Mrs. Mills Opelousas Campus K5

I have been with WCA for 35 years.
I started as a violin, piano, and cello teacher,
then as a classroom music teacher and handbells. When approached to teach first grade, I accepted the position because of the academic variety in teaching. Music tends to be the same songs in music books daily and I thrive on flexibility and creativity. Kindergarten is my absolute joy in teaching, so I have changed quite a bit professionally in my teaching venue.

When I first started, I was a brand new Christian. I have grown so much in my walk, Bible study, and Christian worldview. WCA and a Bible believing church has helped us as parents in our growth.

I believe my biggest investment has been in loving all the many students I have had and in helping parents learn how to Biblically discipline their children and to have a Christian heritage.

I have so many unique joys this year. I have two students this year whose parents I have also taught in K5. I taught Mrs. Torge in K5 and had the pleasure of playing violin in her wedding. I have enjoyed being a teaching professional with her. To watch her spiritual growth, professionalism, and now as she prepares to be a parent is amazing. Also, I have the pleasure of being Mom to the librarian on the Opelousas Campus, who is quite an extraordinary Christian lady.

Mr. Scott Davis
Head of School
Westminster Christian Academy

" A man who has lived in many places is not likely to be deceived by the local errors of his native village: the scholar has lived in many times and is therefore in some degree immune from the great cataract of nonsense that  pours from the press and the microphone of his own age."  - C.S. Lewis The Weight of Glory