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Since launching the Zinn Education Project eight years ago, we have been encouraged by the passion and determination of teachers to bring people's history to the classroom, and by how students have responded to this teaching. As one 8th-grade student remarked: 

History isn't so much about what happened in the past. It's about how to change the future.

We agree. And now, 60,000 Zinn Education Project teachers are helping millions of students to uncover hidden history and think critically about our world. Suzanne Arthur, a high school social studies teacher in Salt Lake City, Utah wrote:

I can see that a close examination of people's history empowers my students to use their own voices.

DONATE TODAY to help us reach thousands more teachers and millions more students. We rely on the financial support of individuals each year to provide the resources to teach outside the textbook.  

Zinn Education Project Attacked
Rush Limbaugh Calls Zinn Education Project "Insane"
for Teaching about Muslims in the United States

Rush Limbaugh targeted the Zinn Education Project on his radio show last week. Why? Because our article, " A People's History of Muslims in the United States: What School Textbooks and the Media Miss," explores Muslim history in the United States since colonial times. Limbaugh says:

The Zinn Education Project is a radical, radical bunch of insane lunatic leftists... They've been doing this for two generations, a vision of Muslims as an integral part of the fabric of the progressive movement in the U.S. with a presence in every social justice struggle along the way. 

Muslims as an integral part of the fabric of progressive movements in the United States----and U.S. life in general? He gets that right. But the quote drips with Islamophobia. Continue reading.
On the Horizon
Launching this fall: Abolish Columbus Day campaign   
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The goal of the Zinn Education Project is to introduce students to a more accurate, complex, and engaging understanding of United States history.
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