Our Intrepid Explorer

Remember when the news of COVID began leaking to the press? Think late November 2019. Before anyone knew what COVID was, short of the Illuminati. And, although she'll deny it to this day, albeit with a wry grin, one petite dynamo, CEO extraordinaire, the mononymous, Suad. 

An argument permeated the office from November 2019 - January 2020. Well, to characterize it as an argument would imply there was a chance of concession, of reason. In short, friends, family, and employees were unanimous in one concept. As a result of COVID, Suad shouldn't go to Southeast Asia, let alone China, let alone Wuhan, on a month-long buying odyssey. Oh, and yeah, once again, by herself. 

Come January, the collective "we" thought a victory. For "we" persuaded her not to go in November or December or even January. Even going so far as to breathe a sigh of relief when in early February more restrictive travel announcements were made (maybe a high-5 or two was exchanged). Surely Suad would put off her trip. She would see the risk, the reason for not going. The calculus was in our favor. 

No one likes calculus. Suad left the last week of February and returned the day of lockdown... Five containers would follow her. One such container carried these extraordinary busts. The Artist is featured in the picture. Suad won't tell us his name. Short of divulging the Thai highlands, she won't even disclose the exact location. Spies and covert agents do things like this. Just saying. 

Three top designers snagged the first four busts for their own homes—14 remain. Suppose you are looking for an amazing work of art? A sculpture that straddles the modern and primitive hemispheres of artistic expression. You could do a lot worse, likely not much better. 

If you are in Los Angeles and want one for a Christmas gift, we are open until the evening of the 23rd. 

Yours truly, 

Someone who elects to remain unnamed for fear of reprisal