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If you aren't currently a member of our TriComply Compliance Service (see video overview below), now is the time to join. Only active TriComply subscribers will receive our soon to be published TriComply Compliance manual included with the current low monthly fee. After the manual is published, new subscribers will have to pay an additional fee to receive the manual with their TriComply subscription.


Other exciting modules coming soon that will be offered to current TriComply subscribers at a discounted price include:


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September 1, 2011


And, we have a new webinar available for members on Courtesy Overdraft Protection Do's and Don'ts. This can be accessed on demand in the TriComply Knowledgebase.


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eBank Core Processing from TriNovus

What do we do that's different?

First of all, we are not just a data center that provides banks with core processing, but we are a true technology partner to the banks that utilize our eBank Data Center.

You already know that we provide a top notch compliance service. Why not give us an opportunity to show you what we have to offer on the core processing side?

TriNovus' eBank Core Solution combined with our top notch Technology team will:

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  • Provide Superior Compliance Assistance

If  you are considering making a change in your core provider, or if you haven't thought about it, but your contract is up for renewal in the next few years, give us a call and let us tell you about how we are doing core processing differently!

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A Suggestion On How The Government Could Help The Housing Industry

by Blair Rugh


I have a suggestion on how government could help the housing industry. I am reasonably confident that neither President Obama, his economic advisors nor members of Congress read this weekly newsletter. But when you write something that has a reasonable circulation you never know where it will wind up, so here goes.

Three facts we know for sure. (1) The U.S. housing market is in the dumper. Some areas are worse than others, but no area has been unaffected. (2) The volume of foreclosures has harmed low- and middle-income borrowers, particularly African- Americans and Hispanics disproportionately. Many of the people foreclosed upon had no significant asset other than their home. (3) The provisions of the Dodd Frank Act relative to underwriting requirements and loans that can be sold in the secondary market, market conditions and enhanced regulator scrutiny and criticism of all lending will make it much more difficult for future borrowers to get a loan. For good, bad or indifferent the actions of the government and the regulators make it significantly more difficult for the housing industry to recover.  Until it does, it will be difficult for the economy to recover.

There are a lot of qualified people who still have a job and can afford a reasonable payment on a home but cannot or will not be able to purchase one because they do not have the down payment. In today's world, for a working class family, it is virtually impossible to save enough for a reasonable down payment. The husband and/or the wife may both have stable jobs and a stable income but saving the $20,000 or $30,000 required to make a down payment that will qualify them for a loan that they can afford is almost out of sight.  Today's housing prices are as low as they have been in the last 10 or 15 years.  If we can just get qualified people into the system, it would be a great advantage for them and if we can deplete the nation's housing inventory at the same time it would be a great boon to an economic recovery.

Let's lend qualified borrowers a reasonable down payment on a home purchase, say a maximum of $20,000. Were it mine to do, I would make it available only to persons who do not presently own a home. The goal is to deplete the existing housing inventory, which is not accomplished if someone who owns a home is just moving up. Second, I would limit it to homes that were built before a specified date, say June of this year. The purpose of my plan is not to spur new construction directly. That will happen if the existing inventory of vacant housing is depleted. I would not have the federal government do it directly as I am not sure at this point if the federal government can do anything efficiently. I would have the federal government provide block grants to the various states depending on each state's inventory of vacant homes.

I would grant the homebuyer a loan that would be secured by a junior mortgage on the home. The mortgage would not bear interest in the initial years and then after a reasonable period of time would require interest at some reduced rate. The loan would be payable upon the sale or transfer of the property or at some reasonable time in the future, say 10 years after it was granted. That should provide the homebuyer sufficient time for the housing market to recover its value and to reduce the first mortgage so that refinancing is achievable.

If 100,000 people qualified for the program, the government outlay at the maximum amount of $20,000 per loan would be $2 billion. While that is a lot of money to anyone I know, the federal government seems to treat it as you and I treat pocket change. And more to the point, it is not an expense of that amount as if properly handled the bulk of the money will be eventually repaid. What I suggest has to be refined and better thought out, but I think it is a viable solution to the housing mess. Moreover, it will put qualified people into housing that they can afford. I am generally pretty conservative and against any government assistance programs. I don't like social security, Medicare, food stamps or anything similar to those programs. I think government should provide everyone an equal opportunity and then let the chips fall where they may. In this instance, however, the government created the problem so I think it takes a government program to hasten the recovery. The purpose of the program is not to provide relief to anyone but to rescue the housing industry. If it has a collateral result of helping people that is even better. I know you can improve on what I suggest. Add your improvements, and if you think it is a good idea make your representative or senator aware of it.

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