June 2016
A Summer in the Sixties
No we're not talking about temperatures (which we prefer at a comfortable 75 degrees), we're talking about the early 1960's. Our two newest releases will let you hunt down clues and catch the bad guys in a different decade without leaving the comfort of your own backyard hammock.

If you miss Peggy Olson ( Mad Men) and love amateur sleuths then you'll want to get your hands on the latest Ellie Stone mystery Heart of Stone by James W. Ziskin. If you like bookish sleuths and small-town back stabbings, then Larry Sweazy's See Also Deception is right up your alley. Whichever you prefer, you're guaranteed to have a better summer with these relaxing reads on your shelf.

"Ellie is one of [our] favorite characters in the genre. Her intelligence and fearlessness belie her youth. She's at once vulnerable yet self-assured, intelligent yet impulsive, liberated yet yearning for a romantic connection. But what really sets Ziskin's books apart is the poetry of his writing... he excels at poetic and evocative descriptions of the fascinating characters and the nostalgic 1960's upstate New York setting."
- MysteryPeople

"James Ziskin has written another great read, imbued with a rich cast of characters and a tight plot that bristles with tension. Ellie Stone is the perfect protagonist -- extraordinary but with enough girl-next-door charm in her that she instantly becomes a friend. This is one of my favorite books by one of my favorite authors, and it belongs on every mystery lover's to-be-read list."
- Allen Eskens USA Today -bestselling author of The Life We Bury

In the waning days of a lazy August holiday, Ellie Stone is enjoying a bright Adirondack-lake morning. Nearby, two men plummet to their deaths just a few feet short of a dangerous diving pool. A tragic accident, it seems. But the police quickly establish that the two victims surely didn't know each other. So how did they come to die together? Ellie's investigation forces her to navigate old grudges and Cold War passions, lost ideals and betrayed loves. As usual, she sticks her nose where it's unwanted, rattling nerves and putting herself in jeopardy. But this time it's her heart that's also at risk.

About the Author

James W. Ziskin is the author of the Ellie Stone mysteries Styx & Stone, No Stone Unturned, and Stone Cold Dead. A linguist by training, Ziskin was director of New York University's Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò for five years, where he collaborated with an impressive catalogue of writers, journalists, and academics on cultural and educational events.

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"The riveting See Also Deception rewrites the rules for small-town mysteries, adding a retro element that evokes times long before cell phones and the Internet. But Larry D. Sweazy's formidably stalwart heroine, Marjorie Trumaine, is still more than up to the task of peeling away layers of secrets and subterfuge in getting to the bottom of a local librarian's death. This is deceptively dark mystery writing par excellence, a potboiler of a tale that proves an able mix of Peyton Place and Agatha Christie."
- Jon Land, USA TODAY-bestselling author of Strong Light of Day

"Marjorie is the kind of gritty heroine, playing the cards she was dealt with pragmatism and intelligence, who will keep readers engaged in this series."
- Killer Nashville Book of The Day

October 1964 -- Just months after freelance indexer Marjorie Trumaine helped solve a series of murders in Dickinson, North Dakota, she is faced with another death that pulls her into an unwanted investigation. Calla Eltmore the local librarian, is found dead at work and everyone considers it suicide. But Marjorie can't believe that Calla would be capable of doing such a thing. Marjorie's suspicions are further aroused when she notices something amiss at Calla's wake, but the police seem uninterested in her observations.
     Despite pressing job commitments and the burden of caring for a husband in declining health, Marjorie sets out to uncover the truth. What she finds is a labyrinth of secrets -- and threats from someone who will kill to keep these secrets hidden.

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About the Author

Larry D. Sweazy is the author of See Also Murder, A Thousand Falling Crows, and nine other novels. He has published over sixty nonfiction articles and short stories, and he is a member of International Thriller Writers, Western Writers of America, and Western Fictioneers.

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* USA Today and Amazon bestseller!
* Top Ten Book Club Pick
* Edgar® Award Finalist

"Eskens's elegant but chilly prose, like winter in the blood, is well suited to this fiercely told morality tale (and its deeply cynical ending), which is sure to send all of us wretched sinners straight to hell."
-New York Times Book Review

"As sharp and slick as a switchblade-both excellent entertainment and an acute psychological portrait. Add Mark Pryor to your must-read list -- I have."
-Lee Child, #1 New York Times-bestselling author

"A thrilling, thoroughly fantastic murder mystery with countless twists and turns that take readers to the darkest parts of Belfast."
- RT Book Reviews
"Part coming-of-age story, part cold-case mystery, A Brilliant Death does an excellent job of depicting life in an Ohio steel town. Robin Yocum has a knack for nuanced characters and spot-on dialogue."
-Shelf Awareness for Readers

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