Dear SML Community,

Greetings from Appledore! It is great to have my feet on the island once again. Five of us SML staff members have moved out to the island in preparation for the start of online courses next week. Although these past few months have presented numerous challenges, our staff and faculty are using an adaptive approach to bring field marine science to our students via live broadcasting and customized online educational resources.

From diving into subtidal kelp beds, deploying plankton nets aboard the R/V Kingsbury , to trekking through the raucous gull colonies on our rocky shores, we’ll be providing students a virtual Appledore experience (minus the salty air and gull poop). Many of our courses will allow students to engage with island resources utilizing the help of newly installed interactive cameras. Whether it be zooming in to view up-close anatomy during a dogfish dissection, or counting seals on Duck Island, they can record data and navigate the scientific process themselves!

If you know a college or high school student interested in gaining college credit this summer, it is not too late to sign up for courses in July. Be sure to check out the Shoals Live Stream webpage, where you can find a schedule of public marine science talks and video/photographic resources to experience the island yourself. I look forward to seeing you virtually!