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Dear Friends,

Jerusalem Peacebuilders' (JPB) work among Israelis, Palestinians and Americans has now reached the tipping-point. After six challenging years, the demand for JPB's interfaith peace and leadership programming has taken on a momentum that is exceeding all expectations.
"JPB boosted my confidence in tomorrow's future...Without a doubt, I would - in a heartbe at - participate in another program," recently wrote one Jerusalemite. In July 2011, our first peace-camp began with eleven teens. This summer, three JPB youth institutes will impact over 100 families, and this fall, JPB educators will work with young leaders in now 13 Jerusalem, Nazareth, Tel Aviv and Houston schools.

All this is because of you. Last year, you generously invested your support in two break-through initiatives: the launching of new summer programs in the United States and the placing of a JPB educator to teach in Jerusalem. Thank you! Both initiatives catapulted JPB forward to the tipping-point of opportunity, enthusiasm and strategic partnerships.
Fr. Nicholas with advisory board member Albert van Daalen on his 90th birthday. Albert was JPB's very first donor.
JPB and Debate for Peace teens meet with the Swiss Ambassador to Israel to discuss the Middle East peace process

In 2017, Jerusalem Peacebuilders will pursue its mission with a lean budget of $385,000 that includes:
  • Operating three Summer Youth Institutes in Connecticut, Texas and Vermont ($180,000)
  • Expanding our School Initiatives in Jerusalem, the Galilee, and the United States ($100,000)
  • Launching Adult Peacebuilders programs in Jerusalem and New England ($50,000)
  • Developing Educational Travel Opportunities for adults and teens ($20,000)
  • Improving Program Curriculum and Design ($15,000)
JPB is committed to advancing peace and reconciliation among Jews, Christians and Muslims in the United States and the Holy Land. Please stand with us against violenc e and hate, and help us to build the capacity necessary for systemic change.

A gift of $2,500 will provide a summer scholarship for a young Israeli or Palestinian leader; a gift of $1,500 will sponsor an American participant; and a gift of $500 will underwrite three meals a day for one teen for an entire summer program.
Help us transform today's emerging leaders by sponsoring  a  peacebuilder  this summer.
May God bless you,
(The Rev. Canon) Nicholas Porter and Stuart Kensinger
Co-Founders, Jerusalem Peacebuilders
Because the future of Jerusalem is the future of the world
Programs show a balance of different idenities
Because the future of Jerusalem is the future of the world
Adj Marshall brings an extensive background in social justice
Jerusalem Peacebuilders is excited to announce Adj Marshall as its new Program Director. Hailing from Rhode Island, Marshall will manage JPB's high school leadership programs in Jerusalem and Bethlehem as well as our Summer Leadership Institutes in Houston, TX and Brattleboro, VT. Adj has over 12 years of experience as an educator, trainer, and advocate for socioeconomic justice. She will be leading our new staff and teacher training initiatives while supporting JPB's continued  curriculum development projects.

Because the future of Jerusalem is the future of the world
Jack Karn's term overseas furthers JPB's mission and programming
Karn and friends enjoying an Iftar dinner during Ramadan
This month, JPB educator and Camp Director, 
Jack Karn, returns from the Holy Land after nine months of living and working in Jerusalem as part of a partnership with the Young Adult Service Corps program of the Episcopal Church. During his time in Jerusalem, Karn led and oversaw the implementation of three high school leadership programs. The participating schools were the Sts. Tarkmanchatz Armenian School, St. George's Anglican School, and the Dar Al-Maarefa School. Each successful in their own right, the programs followed JPB's revised four-year leadership curriculum crafted by Dr. Paula Green, the renowned peace-builder and founder of SIT's CONTACT program and the Karuna Center for Peacebuilding Jack also successfully planted leadership programs in four new schools, scheduled to commence this fall and in 2018. 

Because the future of Jerusalem is the future of the world
A poem from a service-learning program alum
Because the future of Jerusalem is the future of the world
Haifa Soulemi discusses life in Tunisa and hopes for future
Tell us about yourself:
I hold a  BA in English and an MA in American Studies from Manouba University in Tunisia.  I am a trainer in conflict resolution.  In the past I have taught English and French in Poland, Turkey and Tunisia and participated in youth leadership programs in Tunisia.

In 2015, I led an Arabic language course and organized cross-cultural events at  SIT Graduate Institute  as a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant.  While at SIT, I took courses in Post-War Development, Peace-building and Conflict Transformation, and Youth Program Leadership and Design. Following the completion of my program, I became a Drama and English Teacher in a Tunisian International School and I continued my involvement in civil society as a member of Amnesty International and Tunisian American Alumni Network.

Because the future of Jerusalem is the future of the world
New partners and summer blooms
Fr. Nicholas and Stuart Kensinger with new JPB partner The Rev Neil Willard (right) of Palmer Memorial Church in Houston, TX
Looking forward to summer: Dorothy Meek Porter, co-founder of Jerusalem Peacebuilders

Because the future of Jerusalem is the future of the world


"This program was everything I expected it to be. 
I learned the skills necessary to become a better 
leader and resolve conflicts peacefully."
~JPB participant

JPB leaders are about to launch into another summer of  crossing barriers for the future of humanity.  Please join us in raising the  next  generation  of peace-builders.  
 Please make donation checks payable to  "Jerusalem Peacebuilders"  and send them to the following address:  
Jerusalem Peacebuilders, Inc. 
3300 Chimney Rock, Suite 301
Houston, TX 77056 USA 
Jerusalem Peacebuilders (JPB) is a tax-exempt organization per section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is further classified as a public charity. Donations may be made directly to JPB and deducted under Section 170 of the Code. JPB's federal tax identification number (EIN) is 45-2233148.
Because the future of Jerusalem is the future of the world