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The sun is shining. The snow is melting. The birds are singing.

I recently spoke with an old cowboy friend of mine who remarked that while he’s not venturing off the ranch nearly as often as usual these days, he’s also not feeling as stressed as he perceives others feeling. “Rural people,” he said, “are prepared for this type of stuff, even if we don’t want to be. We have plenty of food and supplies, we know how to cook creatively, and we can take pleasure in simply standing on our porch looking out across the open fields.”

But, I argued, what about those who don’t have the experience that we do? What about those who live in the cities, who don’t have room to store months of food or emergency materials? And what about those who don’t have fields and mountains and rivers right there in their backyard?

He replied, “We’ll hang on to it for them, and when they can come back to visit us in the country, it’ll be here.”

Continuity is at the core of conservation. We are doing our part to maintain that continuous dedication to the land and to the community through this period of time. It is the core intention of the land trust to protect this land for the next generation and beyond. When this moment is over, the land will still be here, protected in perpetuity, for the benefit for all.

This is a hard time to ask for money, but our work – the efforts that you value as a supporter of the land trust – can only be accomplished with your generosity and support.

And those efforts have been in the news! You may have seen us mentioned in the local paper the last few months recently regarding projects in Hot Sulphur Springs, Grand Lake , and Granby .

Helping with our work is a new staff member, Holly Glick. She joined the CHLT team in January, and has spent the last few months learning how to best represent the land trust online and in person – when we are allowed to gather on the land again, be sure to say hello! Keep an eye out for her photography on our social media accounts , as well. Holly lives in Fraser with her family and has a long history in Grand County. Read her bio on our website here .

Additionally, we have an updated Advisory Board. This Advisory Board is comprised primarily of past members of the Board of Directors, and is dedicated to being the land trust’s ambassadors in the greater world – while we only work within Grand County, we have supporters and beneficiaries of our work throughout the United States. If you are interested in learning more about what you can do for the land trust in person, please contact the office.

To help us today, make a tax-deductible donation to the land trust. Your gift will help us keep these open lands and flowing rivers protected, through this crisis and far into the future. Even if you can’t make it out to Grand County right now, know that it’s here and waiting for you.
Our annual event is currently postponed, but stay tuned for news of a gathering in the fall.

Your generosity so far has allowed us to keep our doors open and staff working during this period of uncertainty . Protecting the land we love requires community support. We welcome your contributions today to ensure that the land we love remains protected for generations to come.
To make your gift, please visit our website , call our office: (970) 887-1177, or send check or card information to:

Colorado Headwaters Land Trust
PO Box 1938
Granby, CO 80446

You can also click here (or the green button, below) to learn about other ways to give to CHLT. If these opportunities interest you, please consult your legal or financial advisor to learn more and to start the process.

With your help, we will continue protecting the land we love.
*please consult your legal or financial advisor to learn more about these options.

Jeremy D. Krones | Executive Director
Cray Healy | Board President
PO Box 1938, Granby CO. 80446 - (970) 887-1177