Volume 43
January 20, 2021
2021 Snapshots: For the Better
  • 3 Basic Steps
  • Amplify Your Influence
  • Primary Catalyst
  • Patients’ Journey
  • Hear the Facts
  • Launch Meeting Checklist
With open minds, analogies can be eye-opening teachers. Clinically, we know patients often wait years to take care of their ears, struggling with thoughtful decisions pivotal to enjoying best hearing health. Your expertise guides this process, identifying personalized solutions that fit best. When adopted, their real-life journey begins, with incumbent challenges and delight in rediscovering precious sounds. This outlines 3 basic steps:
  • Needs assessment guided by high-priority aims
  • Solution selection with evidence-based criteria
  • Daily and systematic utilization for maximum benefit
Similarly, logical results drivers apply to maximizing wellness referrals. At baseline, with industry transformations accelerating, we intuitively realize practice growth needs are paramount. Strategic solutions which Amplify Your Influence are detailed in many prior issues including:
Your Patients' Journey presents Did You Know? comorbidity content and hearing health education centers.
Hear the Facts features common hearing health condition designs and educational protocols with Let’s Talk training references.
With needs assessed and solutions selected, practice culture is the primary catalyst which habitually optimizes utilization, results and competitive advantages. While encouraging patients to instill healthy habits, instituting productive wellness referral programs requires organizational inspiration, clear expectations and agile teamwork.
"It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest
by helping others to succeed."
Napoleon Hill
Envision your launch meeting intently focused with well-defined goals and action steps. This foundation is imperative, as with new initiatives, there are not second chances to make first impressions. Here are 10 Essential Guidelines to establish enthusiastic momentum for disciplined progress. Be passionate, and determined, on purpose.
Please review 5 complementary principles from Slack, whose powerful platform empowers over 100,000 organizations globally. Effective Meetings
In skillfully launching your wellness referral program, strong leadership and positive starts matter. With launch phase plans developing, next week’s issue will reflect upon inspirational words and imperative roles of PCC’s, Practice Culture Commitments.

As always, your success is our focus with...
Bruce Essman
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