"A MUST have for teachers and parents! I read it to my Pre-Kindergarten class and they absolutely loved it. They fell in love with the superhero Twitcha and learned all about love and acceptance through this comic!”
Free Lesson Plans are Now Available for Twitcha!

What is Twitcha?

Twitcha is a comic book about a teenage girl with Tourette Syndrome named Trisha. She is bullied by her friends but discovers something very special about her tics....they give her superpowers. She becomes the superhero Twitcha!

Who wrote it?

Twitcha is the brainchild of Sarah Baldwin of Mantua, NJ who illustrated and wrote the book based on her own experiences with the neurological disorder. Twitcha’s tics are represented by the villain-turned-hero Misfire, who teams up with Dr. Sitstill to destroy anyone who wouldn’t conform to his idea of “normal.”

“I wanted Twitcha to overcome but not conform for the sake of how everyone thinks she should act,” said Sarah, who is a sophomore at Syracuse University. “She accepts her tics and her differences and decides to spread awareness to help others. Her story is not much different than mine."

Why do I need this for my classroom?

The themes of Twitcha include:
  • Acceptance of yourself and your differences
  • Empowerment: Making those differences your superpower
  • Bullying someone for their differences is hurtful

Free, downloadable and complete lesson plan created by a teacher. Plus a coloring sheet for the younger children. Each component of the lesson plan provided coincides with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards

Don't forget that October is anti-bullying month!

Where do I get it?

We can send you free copies of Twitcha for your classroom library. Email us at info@njcts.org for a hard copy. You can also view an online version that will work on smartboards. See all of the resources below:

If you have any feedback or questions, contact me at my info below!

Thank you for considering Twitcha for your classroom,
Doreen Pustizzi
Communications Manager
NJ Center for Tourette Syndrome & Associated Disorders