A Supreme Court Case Pregnant with Hope
By Noel W. Sterett
Read our observations and predictions in the Supreme Court case about forced abortion advertising. Since Mauck & Baker had filed an amicus brief in the case on behalf of twenty-three Illinois centers, attorney Noel Sterett made sure to get a front row seat for the argument and it did not disappoint!
"Wait...you are Christian lawyers?" Don't worry, we get that a lot. It is just part of what makes our law firm unique. Read more to learn what makes us different.
Markham Church Members Still Without a Home
Rev. Fred Fields shows where an additional water line would connect to Original Bible Church in Markham. (Gary Middendorf / Daily Southtown)
The Daily Southtown, a branch of the Chicago Tribune, wrote this article highlighting our client, Original Bible Church in Markham, Illinois. The church has to meet in the parking lot of its newly renovated building until a new water line for a sprinkler system is installed.
The Proof For The Truth - Apologetics Conference
Can you defend your faith? This conference is designed to engage with other believers and to learn the scientific, historical, archaeological, philosophical, and non-Biblical evidence for the faith.
Grace Conference
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Jesus in the Courtroom
How should Christians view the legal system? Can we make a difference as it relates to social justice issues in our society today? Attorney  John Mauck  explores these questions in his recent book from Moody Publishers.
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