The California Court Reporters Association, in conjunction with the Northern California Court Reporters Association and the Sacramento Official Court Reporters Association, are excited to announce the California launch of NCRA’s nationwide “A to Z Intro to Steno Machine Shorthand” program. The goal of this intensive recruitment effort is to introduce members of our local communities to the court reporting and captioning professions through a hands-on course in which candidates are provided loaner steno machines and attend live weekly classes over a six-week period taught by experienced reporters.
Our first program will take place in Sacramento in January 2019. CCRA will then work with firm owners, other local associations, and reporters/captioners throughout the state to host further programs in 2019. 
If you are interested in doing your part to ensure the survival of our profession, now is the time for you to give back. We have already begun the work on our Northern California program and are currently recruiting volunteers to join one of our committees.
Please click on a committee you’re interested in below to email the Committee that you are interested!
Include your name, email address, and best phone number to give back to your profession:
Help market our program to interested parties. This committee will think of fun, exciting ways to market court reporting to future court reporters. Help get everyone in our industry on board as we find effective ways to market this program.
Were you an office manager, or are you fabulous at managing other people’s lives? This committee will be responsible for paperwork, paperwork, paperwork! We will make sure everyone is properly registered, know where they need to be, have everything they need, and then collect the necessary paperwork at the conclusion.
Help find facilities across our entire state to hold future A to Z Programs. We will look for deposition firms, union halls, anywhere that will work with us and for us! If you have a deposition firm that you would like to volunteer, please click on this committee.

Are you a work-behind-the-scenes kind of person? We will be collecting donor machines and making sure they are functioning properly. You will also be responsible for delivery of the machines to the program site and the collection of the machines at the end of the program.

Have you taught steno before, or any other topic, by chance? Help be a part of the team that will teach candidates/recruits how to actually write steno. Lesson plans will be provided.

If you have any general comments or suggestions, please email the A to Z Committee of our statewide initiative.
CCRA, NCCRA, SOCRA, and our entire profession thanks you for volunteering!
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