Jacksonville has been hit hard, but we know that the gospel is more powerful than any storm and the expressed love of Jesus' people always overcomes. Because Jesus is enough. Let’s watch God rebuild this city stronger than ever! 

The local Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is expecting that around 700 families will be displaced because of flood damage and mold/mildew intrusion. For them, the recovery time will be longer and harder than most others. We think we can help. While we may not be able to rebuild all of their homes, we can provide each family with a five-gallon bucket of help & hope. Attached is a list of items that families in our churches can purchase and fill in a five-gallon bucket. The list consists of cleaning supplies, masks, gloves and other items that will assist them in their recovery. We encourage everyone to also include a note of prayer and encouragement with a way to follow up for spiritual conversations and prayer. 

While doing all of these 700 would be daunting for one church, we feel that with everyone doing their part, we can far exceed the needs here in Jax, then supply them to other areas of need within the state. Every church can do some, other churches can do many.  As a church we ask you to consider taking this challenge and let us know your goal HERE .

Additionally we will send out a brief 2 min video on Thursday outlining this collaborative response. This can be used for promotion within your church and your leadership conversations. 

The beauty of this idea is that every member of a family can help buy and pack the buckets, then take and collect at their church (ex: Operation Christmas Child boxes). The JBA will coordinate collection and work with the local relief orgs and the EOC to ensure proper distribution to the right folks. This is local Jax area families helping other Jax area families through the ministry of their local church. 

How awesome would it be to see so many of these buckets collected that we have even more to send to the rest of the state? We will need to act quick, the need is now and for the next several weeks. You will have everything you need to promote this by this Sunday. We would love to then start collecting buckets as soon as next week. The grand total will be announced at our annual meeting taking place on October 5th.