FALL 2020
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A Taste of African Heritage Updates
Dear African Heritage Community Members,

Thank you for your continued support for Oldways African Heritage programming. In response to COVID-19, we have made several adjustments to our programming to keep it accessible across a virtual platform. Our staff is working safely and diligently to support you, and we send you our thanks and best wishes.
Webinar November 18

Join the webinar with Afrimerican Culture Initiative Inc. We will introduce our A Taste of African Heritage curriculum and encourage participants to join our community.
What We've Been Up To
Best Practices Video

Made in collaboration with ambassador Deitra Dennis, this FREE resource is available to all teachers.
Jollof Rice Cooking Video

Meet Claire Richardson, our Philadelphia- based instructor who adds her own twist to one of our most popular dishes, Jollof Rice!

Reflections on Virtual Teaching

We met with new ATOAH instructor Paul for a Q&A to learn more about his experience with teaching the curriculum virtually.

Heritage Recipe Of The Month

Warm up in the kitchen and try this hearty Caribbean dish.

The smell of sweet cinnamon and curry spices mixed with pumpkin provides the perfect cozy aesthetic for Fall weather. 🍂
What's Next

We now have a PowerPoint available for yearly A Taste of African Heritage subscribers. Currently, we are working on A Children’s Taste of African Heritage PowerPoint slides. Stay tuned for more details!
Thank you for your continued support during this extraordinary time. We are grateful to have you in our African Heritage culinary community. We hope that you stay healthy and safe.