Issue LXI | February 2023



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A Tax of p to 5% on the Richest 1% Could Lift 2 Billion People Out of Poverty

The richest 1% grabbed nearly two-thirds of all new wealth created since 2020, almost twice as much money as the bottom 99% of the world’s population. A tax of up to 5% on the world’s multi-millionaires and billionaires could raise $1.7 trillion a year, enough to lift 2 billion people out of poverty. Read on.

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Human Rights Are Under Attack. Who Will Protect Them?

Globally, human rights remain under attack. Technology has opened up new frontiers for sharing dissenting ideas across borders, but also for governments to curb their citizens' ability to express them. And broad assaults are underway on institutions like the International Criminal Court. Read on.


International Women's Day 2023: "DigitALL: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality"

IWD 2023 will explore the impact of the digital gender gap on widening economic and social inequalities. The event will also spotlight the importance of protecting the rights of women and girls in digital spaces and addressing online and ICT-facilitated gender-based violence. Read on.


Leaders Urge Action as New Science Shows Earth Systems at Tipping Point

Ground-breaking scientific research revealed four critical Earth systems are at risk in a 1.5C warmer world. This rapidly approaching reality is likely to trigger the irreversible collapse of the Greenland and West Antarctic ice sheets, which together represent 10 metres of sea-level rise. Read on.


Countries That Tackle Food Crisis Can Boost 'Jobs, Health and Nature' and Meet Net-Zero Goals

A new report launched at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2023 shows how early mover countries can accelerate the food systems transformation: "Transforming food systems provide healthy and nutritious diets and dignified jobs for farmers and producers." Read on.


5 Rule of Law Issues to Watch in 2023

More than 4.4 billion people live in countries where the rule of law weakened last year, according to the World Justice Project Rule of Law Index. Will these trends continue? Here are five rule of law issues to watch in 2023. Read on.


The Ukraine War Should Alert Us to the Need to Ban Nuclear Weapons

We don't know for how long the Ukrainian War will go on. But there is nothing to stop the two biggest nuclear powers from initiating some bold steps towards to elimination of nuclear weapons right now. Read on.

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