Guided Hands

~ A Teaching Tool ~
Releasing and Receiving between Realities
In my Old Reality , I Choose to Release and Burn __________


In my New Reality, I Choose to Receive and Earn __________

Today I have made the Choice to Change and Create a Positive Perspective , from anything Negative that has Confused or Controlled me from my Past .

Today, I Choose to Release __________ as I Peacefully and Energetically Burn the Old Carbon Imprints of my Past that no longer Serve me of this life-time.

I Am that I Am, I Am that I Am, I Am that Light I Am .

Today, I Choose to Receive __________ as I Humbly and Energetically Earn my Freedom , I continue to Serve in the Highest and Greater Good of my Being.

I Am that I Am, I Am that I Am, I Am that Light I Am .

And So, It is.

This Teaching Tool is in assistance to Release and Receive between Realities .  

Please Chant this Mantra for 33-Consecutive Days to Activate and Awaken sleeping and dormant Cells. As the Fuel of Forgiveness illuminates from within, one may begin to feel more peaceful, calm and balanced.   


Guided Hands  offers  Energy Experiences  to assist in Spiritual  Activation's , while  Awakening the Embodiment’s System during this  Accessional  Process.

As a Minister, Messenger, Medium, Mentor, Mediator, Muse and Modern-Day Mystic, Mary helps people connect to their Spiritual Embodiment, through their Akashic Records, Activation's, Karmic Balancing, Attunements, Clearings, Healings, and Blessings by Teaching and Assisting one to raise and maintain their own vibrational frequency.

As a Humanitarian and Spiritual Teacher, she has dedicated her life and abilities to helping people Worldwide and is committed in these services through travels, healings, messages, teachings and charitable offerings as a Mother of Many.