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Clear the Clutter ~ Creating Space for You
It’s TIME TO LET GO, make Space, and Step into a New Reality of Living a Simpler Life.

It’s amazing to me how fast things can pile up, and or be collected from here, there and everywhere, only to be placed on a shelf or placed in a cupboard to collect dust. Sure, the “thing” may seem fun in the moment, and yet after time, the novelty begins to wear off. I’ve been asked over and over again, how do you keep your House so Clean. Well first off, my children are grown adults, and the nest is down to 2 humans and 2 fur babies. I Choose to keep my house de-cluttered so that I can Channel in the Energy of Light, that keeps the house flowing with grace and ease. Stepping over things, shoving things in the cupboards or smashing another piece of clothing in an already tight closet is a Loss of Energy, money, time, oxygen, love, family, etc. 
IF things are starting to feel cramped, over-crowded, messy, confusing, in-stable, scattered, strewed or untidy, then it is time to CLEAR THE CLUTTER ~ Creating Space for YOU!  

There is a house…

Built with rooms, closets, cupboards, basements, computers, attics, drawers, hiding spaces, crawl spaces, cabinets, dressers, garage, sheds, under beds and more.

Visualize this house as a human and the number of “attached” items that could be “stored” within.  As we’ve been preparing our embodiment's to receive more Light, our Crystalline Template is OUR NEW MAKEUP, and can only Illuminate when the Old is released. 

Letting go of the excess storage, allows for one to feel the light. 


Letting go and detaching is Organization, and this is where the healing begins, this is where the aches and pains, stress and anxiousness goes away. When the heaviness is released, one starts to fill-up with Light, rises and ascends into the higher planes of existences. Awakening is Illumination, and energy is increased from within. Intuition expands, and life in light becomes the ‘every’ day. 


Today’s exercise is to examine the House of Self. In this house there are many rooms. Each room is filled with memoirs from many different occasions, people, purposes and more. As each room, closet, cupboard, basement, attic and computer begins to compile literal items over time, we will need to shift, recycle, remove, donate, release, let go, set free, detach.

IF this ‘stuff’ is totally unused or unwanted, then it is creating a DORMANT energy, stopping and blocking the movement and flow of NEW Energy to enter within.  In life, humans become very busy and “put off” cleaning or clearing, sorting and letting go for another day, which compiles into weeks, months and then years, only WISHING they could have snapped their fingers and asked the Fairy God Mother to Appear and help Clear.  Well she has arrived, and it is time to “Clear the Clutter ~ Creating Space for You”.  

Visualization Exercise:

Clearing the Clutter is two-fold; recognizing what needs to be cleared in the structural home and the Self.

To begin the process and NOT become overwhelmed, “access” the embodiment FIRST. Using the Chart below, simply look at the words next to the Chakra Body drawing. Instantly and automatically what word does your eye see first? Whatever word your eyes are drawn to, IS the Chakra that needs to be addressed first.

As one begins to “clear the clutter” from the Structural Home, OBSERVE how that particular chakra begins to feel. Do you feel better? Is the heaviness lighter? If your answer is YES, you have completed your task for clearing the dormant energy fields within its charka. If your answer is no, repeat the process again. IF you have picked a different chakra the next time, it means that these 2 or more chakras are corresponding and linking the energies together. Please be patient, and keep clearing the clutter. 
By paying attention to (1) section at a time, one will be able to focus and pay more attention to what literally needs to be done without becoming overwhelmed or not knowing where to start.

After you have completed a section, start another when you feel ready to begin again. Repeat the Visualization of Intuitively looking at the chart, (you may also “add” rooms or write in more suggested areas needing assistance)

As a side note, also please pay attention to any clocks that aren’t running; by replacing the battery or fixing it, TIME will begin to move forward rather than being “stopped” or blocked.

Any waterfalls or fountain features unplugged or not flowing, is a loss of Prosperity or new career opportunity.

Sincerely, Mama Mary Martin
Mary Martin Medium

Guided Hands offers Energy Experiences to assist in Spiritual Activation's, while Awakening the Embodiment’s System during this Accessional Process.
As a Minister, Messenger, Medium, Mentor, Mediator, Muse and Modern-Day Mystic, Mary helps people connect to their Spiritual Embodiment, through their Akashic Records, Activation's, Karmic Balancing, Attunement's, Clearings, Healings, and Blessings by Teaching and Assisting one to raise and maintain their own vibrational frequency.
As a Humanitarian and Spiritual Teacher, she has dedicated her life and abilities to helping people Worldwide and is committed in these services through travels, healings, messages, teachings and charitable offerings as a Mother of Many.

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Thank you and Blessings.