A Thank You Letter 
from  Doug Read
Dear Friends,

Thank you for coming out last Sunday and being so supportive of me and of TCCSEA (Tahoe Cross-Country Ski Education Association), f or supporting the programs and for throwing some money down to make it happen!

We really did well! We had the biggest waffle/pancake/crepe fundraising breakfast we've ever had by far. We raised over $1000 for TCCSEA programs and I just really want to thank people for being so supportive.

I'd especially like to thank Gerald, Dirk, Chad, Sylvia, Mike, Daniel, Allison and the rest of the gang at the Nordic center. When we needed something, Chad hopped on the snowmobile, rode to the Nordic center and raced it right back.

The weather was snowing for the first hour, then it kind of cleared. It turns out we were parked in the shade of some trees the whole time. But that's okay.

Five picnic tables were full of people eating crepes for a good part of the day. We had a lot of food and I knew it was going to be big, but by the end we still didn't have enough, which was just great.
Gerald, Dirk & Doug at Orange Hut
I'm so proud of everyone for being so supportive and I'm thankful for all of my friends for making it out. So I just want to say thanks.

See you at the next one!

Doug Read
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