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August 4, 2023

Companion Orientation Monday at 5:00


The next one is this Monday, August 7th at 5:00 pm. We'll meet in the sanctuary. Please invite your friends and family to join if they are interested in becoming a companion!

Thank you, Buxton Hall!

Buxton Hall highlighted Haywood Street for their July Give Back Night. From dinner sales, they raised about $550 for the Downtown Welcome Table!

Thank you for your support, Buxton Hall!

Haywood Street Merchandise

We have t-shirts and hats for sale! Beyond production expenses, all proceeds go to supporting the Haywood Street ministries and programs.


See what we have available HERE or stop by Rebecca's office in Room 8 on the second floor, Monday thru Thursday between 8 and 2. 

Remembering Crystal

It's with heavy hearts that we share the passing of our beloved friend, Crystal.

Crystal was a gifted pianist and musician, had a good sense of humor and a feisty side, and loved her dogs, Wrath and Rainbow, more than anything. We'll miss her presence at Haywood Street so dearly.

Sunday Companions for the Downtown Welcome Table

The Downtown Welcome Table has been busy with folks coming by for breakfast. We know summer is a busy time for people's schedules, but if you're available to join us on Sunday for the meal and stay to help out in the kitchen or after for clean up, it would be greatly appreciated!

Contact Katlyn for any questions or more details.

On-going opportunities to participate at the Welcome Table:

  • Have a meal! - Join us on Sunday or Wednesday to enjoy a meal with our community!

  • Dining Room Clean Up - As always, clean up is one of the places that we need companion support. We promise to make it fun! On Sundays, we need companions from 10:00-12:00, and on Wednesdays from 12:00-2:00

  • Kitchen Clean-Up - On Sundays from 10:00-12:00 and Wednesdays from 12:00-2:00, we would love for a couple of companions to help us clean up the kitchen and help serve the folks who come in during that time for a meal. You can sign up for this role on the sign-up sheet below!
Sign Up

Haywood Street in Photos

When April complimented Andrew on cutting his friend's hair, Andrew replied, "Just having someone to help makes all the difference."

We don't have to have a house to help someone else. Or a car. Or even an income. We just have to understand that all of us are in this hurting, messy, and beautiful life together.

We've had a great summer with Asheville Youth Mission. So many passionate, curious, and eager young people have come through our campus over the past couple of months. We're so grateful for each of them.

This summer's AYM visits are getting ready to wrap up, so make sure to say "thank you" if you see them around.

Judy singing "God on the Mountain"

Sometimes hope hides in bouquets of chrysanthemums, burned-out cigarettes, and in voices of people simply trying to remember how warm it's closeness feels.

Hope, like Judy's, has been tossed around, laughed at, and lied to. But her song is a plea for strength to hold on. Even when it's faint, the warmth of hope's presence is better than the chill of its absence.

Weekly Ministry Opportunities:


Sundays at 11:00 and Wednesdays at 12:30 in the sanctuary

Tuesday Prayer Group: 12:30 in Room 6. Gather for a time of communal prayer.


Wednesday Card Making: 8:30 am in the Sanctuary. Gather together to make cards for our community and friends in prison or in the hospital. 

Grief Support Group: Tuesdays from 11 am-12 pm in the community room. We’ll strive towards healing together through relationship with each other.

Weekly Sermons

Read each week's sermon and previous sermons on the stories and sermons page of the website.

Community Resources

Click below to see a list of places in the community to donate and find clothes, and when recovery meetings are held.

Click Here

Fresco Viewing Hours:

Sundays 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Monday-Thursday 10:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m.

By appointment, contact April at


A Thanks from Pastoral Intern, Annalise

Interning at Haywood Street for the past 10 weeks has been all that I asked for and more than I could have imagined. At my interview in March, I told the field placement director at Duke Divinity School that I wanted to be placed at a Church that had community, and mission within its community at its center. To say that Haywood Street has been just that would be an understatement. I have been astounded by the commitment that Haywood Street Staff, companions, and friends have to cultivating and sustaining relationships with one another. I have witnessed abundant forgiveness, reconciliation, and welcome here. Hurt is not swept under the rug or left at the door here, and yet it is precisely because the hurting are welcomed in that love and grace are found.

At the start of my time here in late May Pastor Seth asked me what I wanted to get involved in, and my answer was simple, “I just want to be helpful.” Coming off of an especially rigorous semester at Duke I was craving work that was fulfilling and meaningful, and couldn’t wait to do something with my time other than spending 10 hours a day in classes and the library. Over the past months I have cooked meals, cleaned dishes, taken out trash, and helped lead worship services. It felt good to do things that others needed done. I have also had meals prepared for me and my table cleared. I have spent hours resting on the respite porch and eating my favorite deserts. In worship I have received the blessings of others and had communion brought to me from an untold amount of hands. I am certain that I have been helped in more concrete ways here than I have helped others and there are not words that can contain my gratitude.

I am deeply thankful for all the people who welcomed me into the Haywood Street Congregation. I have been affirmed and cared for by countless folk. I still have 3 years of school left, but I can confidently say that my experiences at Haywood Street will be among some of my most formative. I am not sure what communities I will find myself a part of as my life progresses, but the one I have found here has elevated my standard for what faithful, reconciling, and abundantly loving spaces I will want to be a part of. Haywood Street Congregation emboldens each person who gets to be a part of it to think with holy imagination about how they can bring the experience of abundant love and reconciliation with them to each new place they go. Thank you again to all those who helped me grow my own imagination for what it truly means to live a life reflective of the kingdom of God. I look forward to the next time I get to be with you all again.

~Annalise Von sprecken

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A witness to include the most excluded, Haywood Street not only welcomes every child of God–especially sisters and brothers of every mental illness and physical disability, addiction and diagnosis, living condition and employment status, gender identity and sexual orientation, class, color, and creed–but we celebrate your presence, certain that the kingdom of God is coming closer because you are here.