July 2021
A Message from Our Executive Director
Dear Friends,

As we celebrate our nation's independence, I am filled with gratitude and joy for being an American and blessed with such generous and faith-filled donors, supporters, volunteers, and friends. You proudly support our pro-life ministry through prayers, sacrifice, acts of service, material and financial donations, and speaking the truth of the inherent dignity and value of all people, including the unborn!

Lots of exciting things are in the works, including a new floral supporter wall for clients to admire in our Options@328 waiting room. Supporters will have the opportunity to purchase a flower petal with a name inscribed on each leaf (see above image). We are also working with Storia Studios on new videos to spread the word about our ministry.

Make sure to read about our First Impressions Coordinator, Wendy Valenzuela.

Finally, please continue to keep us in your prayers, asking the Lord to protect our staff and their families from all harm, continue to encourage and invigorate our board of directors, lift the veil of deceit from the eyes of those who work and volunteer in the abortion industry and change the hearts and minds of all abortion minded women. Pray that more clients in need come through our doors so we may minister to them in the hopes they will accept God's love and the truth about the life growing inside them. Lord, we pray all moms-to-be will choose life for their unborn babies! Please bless our donors, supporters, and friends.

As we give glory to God, I hope that you will enjoy the summer, celebrate, and spend time with family and loved ones! Our newsletter will be back in September.

Every good wish,

Gina Ruppert, Executive Director 
Biblical Reflection
2 Corinthians 10:3-5
“For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”
Employee Spotlight, Wendy Valenzuela
CPC's First Impressions Coordinator, Wendy Valenzuela
Wendy joined CPC in October 2020 and has been a blessing from the very start. Wendy is fluent in English and Spanish, which is important since approximately 1/3 of all CPC clients are Hispanic. Her job is answering phone calls, emails, and texts from clients and potential clients, responding to their questions, and helping them schedule appointments. As such, she is the first contact our clients have with CPC. She sees each connection as an opportunity to help those in need. Wendy is filled with good will and determination. She is always looking for ways to go above and beyond her responsibilities concerning pregnancy and helps clients find other resources they need like access to food, housing, and healthcare. She supports life in all she does because that's who she is. Wendy is at your service, every day, all the time! When asked what she likes the most about working at CPC, she says "This job aligns perfectly with my faith, and I feel like I'm a link to hope. When moms choose life, I feel as if I made God smile". Wendy, - you make us smile too!

Another Options@328 Baby Has Arrived
We are so happy to announce another client who chose life has delivered a healthy baby boy. Please join us in celebrating this new life
Farewell Gretchen Carney
Gina & Gretchen at her thank
you dinner.
Gretchen was presented with a gift from the Board for her dedication and service.
Gretchen's last day at the office with new Director of Development, Paula Caponiti.
CPC's Board of Director's from left to right: Louis Bresch, M.D., Tim Dygert, Esq., Matthew Bauer (Chairman of the Board), Cathy Gara (rear, Secretary), Amy Erardi (front), Gretchen Carney (Outgoing Development Director), Gina Ruppert (Executive Director), and Bryce Bauer (Treasurer)
Mom-to-be Looking for Help
A client in need will deliver her baby in later this month or in early August. She does not have a pack-n-play. If you are able to help, please click the link below:

Thank you for your support!
Our Material Resource Centers
Need Your Assistance
Our Essex Resource Center at Mars Hill Baptist Church is open every Monday and our in North Baltimore Center at St. Ann's is open every Tuesday. Please call us any day of the work week to schedule your drop off at 443-884-9201.
Our Resource Centers are in need of specific material items. If you are able, please consider making a donation:

  • Similac Advance Formula for infants 0-12 months - Blue Can Only.
  • NWT boys and girls clothing size 2T - 4T
  • Size 5 and 6 Diapers
  • Gift cards from Walmart, Target or Amazon in $10 denominations.

To make a donation, through our Amazon site, please click here. Be sure to look for the green "MUST HAVE" tag above each item,

CPC's BrightCourse Program
What is BrightCourse and how does it work?

BrightCourse is a subscription-based video-streaming service for pregnancy centers like CPC who want to educate women on topics such as prenatal care, parenting, relationships, life skills, faith, and more.

Through your financial support, CPC has been able to purchase many informative, instructional, and evidence-based videos that our clients can watch in the comfort of their own home. Then after each course, clients complete a lesson. Each lesson is submitted to our center coordinators, earning them material rewards at our resource centers.

Please view the video above to hear from one of our Spanish-speaking clients sharing how thankful she is for our donors, CPC, and these BrightCourse videos. A summary in English is below.

Video Summation in English:
Client, Ivethe Mendez, is grateful to CPC donors, our staff and our First Impressions Coordinator, Wendy Valenzuela, for all the assistance, follow up and material resources she has received from our centers. Since the time her pregnancy was confirmed, CPC has cared for and provided her with free services like two separate sonograms, access to resources, material assistance and access to our "earn while you learn" BrightCourse online video educational program.

Ivethe also notes that during a follow-up call from Wendy, she expressed concern over some changes she was experiencing with her pregnancy: some skin discoloration on her face. Through the BrightCourse program, she learned about melasma (a condition where brown patches appear on the face, often due to pregnancy). She was relieved to learn that this discoloration should be temporary.

Overall, she wants everyone to know how your donations enable CPC to support and care for her. She says that BrightCourse teaches her many new things. Even with an 8 year old child, she now realizes that there is still more she can learn. Even though Ivethe is physically uncomfortable due to her pregnancy, your support makes her pregnancy a more enjoyable time. Best wishes Ivethe!
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Our Mission
The Greater Baltimore Center for Pregnancy Concerns is a locally organized and funded volunteer ministry demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ by providing abortion alternatives to women who find themselves in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy. We service clients by addressing their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. We also strive to provide accurate and complete information on prenatal development and abortion. We believe access to this information is needed in order to provide our clients with the facts, allowing them to make informed decisions. Ultimately, we desire to protect the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of our clients and their unborn children. We also provide emotional support and resources to any woman who comes to us having had an abortion. We believe our ministry to these and all women is to share the love of Jesus Christ.
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