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January 2020
Most people, Christian or not, consider Christmas to be a time of giving, and it is; God gave us His Son, so we give of ourselves to others. However, rarely does one think of Christmas as a time of completion and fulfilment. We forget that Christ came to earth to bring completion, to fulfill the prophecies of old. What a time in which to have lived! It seems that during the month of December, as we celebrated this fulfilment of prophecy, God was also faithful to complete many of his promises in our midst!

Having worked toward the OCC projects for almost six months, it was amazing to see the fulfilment of these projects. Our church was personally involved in two events - in our home church in Zagreb and in our church plant in Virovitica (in east Croatia).

In Virovitica our church plant was given the opportunity to work together with Social Services. The owner of a café in town gave them use of his café at no charge, and they were asked to give an interview on the radio. The children were so grateful for what they’d been given and, in several instances, had received exactly what they had been wanting and needing. It was an amazing opportunity for that work to share the love of Christ with those who had never heard the Gospel, and it will be exciting to see the results of seeds planted there.

In our home church in Zagreb we had about 80 children in attendance. It was so much fun to watch the children excitedly open their gifts and squeal with joy over what they received. We invited each one to a 13-week club on Wednesday evenings. This past Wednesday we had new children in attendance, and their parents accompanied them as well! We are so grateful to God for this opportunity to share the Gospel. Please, be in prayer with us for these new souls to be drawn to Christ. 

“You lead, I’ll follow. Your hands hold my tomorrows…” The center of Zagreb rang out with tunes of Jamie Grace as our youngest daughter, Vjera (Faith) performed her own short 30-minute concert on the main square of Zagreb.

As you well know by now, our worship band for the past 10 years has had the opportunity to perform on the main square of Zagreb during the Advent season. It is always an awesome opportunity to share the love of Christ and proclaim his greatness in the center of our city. However, this year Vjera was also given the honor of performing, and I think it is safe to say that she surprised us all with her amazing performance. You can watch some clips from her concert here:  
>Children and parents have responded to follow-up from Operation Christmas Child.
>People have been very open to the Gospel this past month.
>God has provided for some od our personal needs.

To see the completion of a five-year project gives one a huge sense of accomplishment. This past month Mario finally had the opportunity to host the book launch for his book, Our Daily Money . It was received in a very positive way. The actual launch was held in the facilities of our church, but he was also featured with his book in a show on national television. For the time being, his book is only available in Croatian, but is a very important, necessary book for our people at this time as it talks about the Biblical handling of finances, and it has had excellent reviews thus far. God has, yet again, brought to completion a work he began in us five years ago! He is so faithful!
The last week of January is a time we have scheduled as a church for fasting and prayer. We will take this week to seek the Lord as a body for what he has in store for us this year. Please, be in prayer with us. We have felt God drawing us forward into new things, but we need his wisdom, and we need to consistently and collectively seek and desire for his Spirit to move among us.
>That the Lord would lead and guide us through this week of fasting and prayer.
>Our church has a year and half to purchase the facility we are meeting in.
>Other specific needs can be found here:
Thank you all for your generosity and the love you’ve shown to us this past month. We are so grateful to you for your faithful prayers and support. May the Lord bless you in this new year!


Mario and Bonnie Ducic
Croatian Evangelistic Outreach