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We hope everyone is enjoying this summer of big happenings. Since our last Update, Supreme Court decisions and Archdiocesan administrative shake-ups have opened the cultural landscape for new growth. There are new weeds along with the flowers, of course, so there is work to be done.


After Archbishop Nienstedt's resignation, we asked people to write to the Pope's delegate in Washington DC, Archbishop Carlo Maria ViganĂ², asking him to initiate an open and broad consultation for the selection of our new archbishop. Thanks to those who have done that. You can still write :


CCCR has also written to Archbishop Bernard Hebda, the temporary administrator in this archdiocese, to request an open and broad consultation process with the people before a new archbishop is appointed. We have not received a reply from him yet. We will continue to follow-up.


We hope the priests of the archdiocese organize to have a voice too. What about calling your parish priest and suggesting that he call your deanery leadership? To show the decision-makers that we care about having a Gospel-centered archdiocese, we all have to stand up together.


The main job for the new archbishop, we think, is to persuade the diverse factions among Catholics in the archdiocese to unite behind the mission of the church. Who is the man for this job?


He will have to be a peace-maker. The Catholic culture war that has festered over the last several years has to end for us to be the sign of unity and love to the world that Jesus intended. Is there only one way to be Catholic or are there many ways? Starting with a declaration of "non-negotiables" and defining Catholic identity narrowly has led to deep division among Catholics. Though perhaps meant to strengthen our Catholic identity, that strategy has caused hostility among us instead of love.  Do you agree with this assessment of the situation?


On Sunday, July 12, Archbishop Hebda will preside at Mass and be welcomed afterward at the Cathedral of St. Paul, 10:30 a.m. To show solidarity, we are encouraging everyone to go. At the meet and greet afterward, tell Archbishop Hebda we want an open and broad consultation process so all the varieties of Catholic identity in this archdiocese can be recognized in the selection of a new archbishop.


Let us know what you think.  Email us at


AND KEEP INVITING NEW REGISTRANTS FOR THE LAY NETWORK!  Registration at  There are over 1550 Lay Network members, from all parishes and all deaneries.  We want to keep growing to be ready to work with the new leadership.


Thanks from all of us at CCCR and Council of the Baptized