A Time to Tear and A Time to Mend
Dear Friend:
As an alumnus of Spalding, you know that our mission calls us to meet the needs of our times with compassionat change, rooted in justice and peace. This is just such a time.

We may all be away from our downtown Louisville campus, but we are not separated from our community, or from the responsibilities we hold as an institution to the city we call home.

Spalding will not be silent in response to injustice and violence inflicted against our black and brown brothers and sisters...

SCNs Speak Out
Against Racism
Saddened by the taking of innocent black lives and mindful of the many protests and vigils taking place across the country and in the city of Louisville, Kentucky, the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth delivered a statement affirming the need to confront the many injustices of our time - "There can be no true peace until there is justice for all."
Standing in Solidarity
The School of Professional Psychology is organizing a show of solidarity and support for black and brown folks fighting for systemic change in our community at 3 pm on Friday, June 5 in Mother Catherine Square.

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