The Best way to Cost savings via Employee Engagement
Many companies (and experts) have found that the best way to avoid expensive workplace problems and surprises is to identify them and prevent them from happening in the first place.
An  EMSI Employee Opinion Survey customized to fit your organization is the proven method to fill in this necessary component in your company's Positive Employee Relations / Communications program.
Our 30 + years of experience will quickly and efficiently :
  • Prepare and produce a tailored Survey Questionnaire based on your interests and goals
  • Download the Survey to hand held "Tablets" that will be used to collect the data  ( We provide the software and the hardware )  
  • Work with you to properly introduce the program
  • Carry out the survey ( On-Site or Remotely )
  • Provide real time and daily updates alerting of any immediate "Red Flags"
  • Submit graphs, as well as written and oral feedback reports
  • Offer practical and workable suggestions and recommendations
In addition, EMSI is a Bilingual Management Consulting firm and therefore the program can be offered in English and Spanish formats if needed.
A brief phone call or video conference (via Skype or Go To Meeting) will answer your questions and get the details laid out so that you can determine if this is right for you and for your company
Meanwhile, take a look at a SAMPLE SURVEY to get an idea of how it works.
Keeping employees "Engaged" is a smart business move that leads to Higher Productivity and commitment to your business GOALS.
 Contact us today to set up an introductory call and get a quote.
I look forward to speaking with you about this.

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