January 18, 2018
A Top Priority in 2018: 7 Steps to Achieve Hotel Website Accessibility and ADA Compliance
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There are approximately 48.9 million Americans with some form of disability. People with disabilities spend over $17.3 billion annually on travel, and the economic impact is at least double that figure since many of them travel with at least one or two other adults (Open Doors Organization). The vast majority of them use the Internet to plan and book travel.
Conn Maciel Carey ’s 2018 Labor & Employment Webinar Series , hosted by the firm's Labor & Employment Practice Group , is designed to give you the practical solutions to ensure you are running your business in a way that does not run afoul of the most important labor and employment laws facing our workforce today.

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4 Emergency Readiness and Response
The travel community is uniquely impacted by emergency situations due to perceptions and realities linking these occurrences and travel.

To help destinations and travel businesses prepare for emergency situations, the U.S. Travel Association provides tools and information to bolster the industry’s readiness planning. Likewise, when emergencies transpire, U.S. Travel connects industry leaders with policymakers to ensure the travel community is engaged when decisions affecting travel are made.

Your Hotel World 2017 Debrief
A Closer Look At Top 10 Issues Impacting The Industry In Past 12 Months

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Now that it’s 2018, it’s time to reflect on the top trends and events from the previous year that have had the most profound influence on our industry. While some of the items proposed for this listicle may have arguably occurred in the years prior to 2017, I have put them here as their effects were predominantly felt over the past 12 months. And to build the necessary level of anticipation, I’ve given these my own ordering of importance, starting from last and working up to the first position.

10. The first hotelier to become President.
Love him or hate him, Trump is the first POTUS to have his name emblazoned onto the sides of numerous luxury properties both domestically and around the world. For semantics sake, I am told that Thomas Jefferson also owned a small inn, but even if this is the case the scale is incomparable. I chose President Trump for several of his policies unrelated to his namesake hotel chain that have impacted North American hospitality in various ways. Amongst them are foreign visa requirements and the budgeted reduction in corporate taxes.

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