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February 24, 2011
A Tree Grows in Book Form


While I'm not sure that a superhero who battles kudzu or Japanese rose beetles for a living is enough to excite kids into picking up some pruning sheers, there is something wonderful about these two new comic books from Plantable Paper. Once you're done with the book, all you have to do is plant the pages in soil, water them, and watch as a patch of herbs or flowers emerges! The truth is, these books aren't great reads (they only come with two pages of plantable art inside), but it is a fun idea for the future. Imagine being able to tear your college textbooks up after your final, only to find that a field of wildflowers has sprouted from the litter! Or actually wanting certain junk mail so that you can tend it into a garden.  

Comic book covers

Amazingly, this isn't the first time the idea of using comic books to grow gardens has come up. Japanese artist Koshi Kawachi has developed a technique called Manga Farming, using the popular comic volumes as glorified planters.


Comic book planters

Link via Comics Alliance.