A Trip Down Memory Lane...

Thirty years ago this month, Fred Lane, Steve Lane, and Scott Lane established Lane & Lane. (You’re probably wondering why we didn’t call it Lane, Lane & Lane, but if you try saying that a few times, you'll understand!)
Fred may have been the most excited about our new firm – it’s not every day two of your children want to follow in your footsteps, let alone go into business with you – but Steve and Scott were, too. With a span of 9 years between them, they had always been in different stages of their schooling and career. For the first time, they would be side by side.
But six weeks after we hung up our shingle, we found ourselves without an office.
Pictured left to right:
Steve Lane, Fred Lane, Scott Lane
Our office was in the 33 N. Dearborn building in Chicago, on the 22nd floor. It was unusually warm for March that year. The city was experiencing a heat wave. To make the tenants more comfortable, the building’s facilities manager turned on the air-conditioning system.

Unfortunately, the system had not been properly maintained. In short order, everything that could have gone wrong with the rooftop equipment did go wrong.
At 7:00 am on March 15, as Steve emerged from the building elevator and started to walk into our office lobby, he stopped in his tracks. Workers were everywhere, scurrying around, while water came pouring in through the ceiling and walls, flooding the entire office. Thousands of gallons of water emptied onto the roof and into the building, flowing down through several floors. With only two unoccupied floors above our space, our office took the brunt of the disaster. 
We moved the firm into the building’s management office (yes, we kicked them out!). It was on the third floor, had no windows, and was one-quarter of the size of our space on the 22nd floor. So we were constantly in each other’s way. It was 10 months before all of the repairs in our office were finished and we could move back upstairs. Amazingly, no files or evidence were destroyed by the flood. We remained in that office until 9 years ago when we relocated to 230 W. Monroe Street.
So much has happened in three decades.

The Lane & Lane family now includes Partner Mark Brown; Associates Kellie Snyder, Kevin Griffin, and Nick Kamenjarin; family members Sally Lane, our Office Manager, and Nancy Lane, our File Clerk; and a dedicated team of administrative professionals who support our efforts to fight for the rights of our clients.
Speaking of pursuing justice, we are proud of our many client success stories over the years and that we have only lost one trial in 30 years.
We’re grateful for all of the opportunities we’ve been given to help our clients and their families and look forward to many more years of service.

The Lane & Lane Team
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