Cambodian Community Dream Organization, Inc.
October 2019 Dream Journal
Leangseng Hoy’s
First Time American Journey

This was certainly a trip of a lifetime for Leangseng Hoy , our Executive Director , who handles it all so well in Cambodia.

His working trip started with his first stop in Los Angeles .

The 8 lane highways in each direction and so many swimming pools were the first American culture shock.
He was hosted by our supporters Yuki Morita and Cedric Scott . They arranged some great activities for him. He was able to visit the Cambodian community in Long Beach and see how they had integrated into the American life.

His first presentation was to our CCDO Club at Santa Monica High School . The club has been initiated by Anderson & Annaliese , after their mom Kirstin Chickering visited Cambodia 6 years ago. They have fundraisers consistently to build at least one new well every year.
He also talked to two classes at a public school Dr. Sammy Lee Medical & Health Science Elementary School with teacher Kelsey Donovan in 1 st Grade and Marissa Cheung in 3 rd Grade. Lastly he had a chance to see an American university with the visit to UCLA with Jeff Share.
Next Stop: San Francisco and the Bay Area where he was welcomed by our long time supporter Jenn Forney , her husband Jim Zygutis , and daughter Tabi Hansen . He visited several schools: a Montessori preschool where he experienced how children learn from playing and creativity instead of by rote.

He stopped by Contra Costa Christian School , where Tabi proudly showed off her new friend. He then gave an inspiring presentation to 400 students at the Nueva School in Hillsborough , arranged by our generous supporter Julia Popowitz .
After a little break with sightseeing in San Francisco he held a super fundraiser party hosted by Jenn & Jim at their Alamo home. 

Thanks to all the donors who gave generously to raise $14,000 that phenomenal afternoon!
Seattle was the next stop with a 2-week leadership course organized by Perennial . It ended with an overnight with Bill Taylor from SEA Foundation and a hike in the woods.
Last stop : Manhattan , where he was whisked around the city by Jenni Lipa and our Financial Team of Paul Christakos and Andrew Ng . Leangseng was amazed by the tall buildings and spent much of his time looking up at the skyscrapers. We held a Dream Team party evening event and raised $7,500 thanks to Leangseng’s passionate plea for education in his country.

“It was a perfect trip
of seeing how to connect with the world
for a better Cambodia.”

– Leangseng Hoy

If you have missed Leangseng in the US, why not come over to Cambodia and meet him and our amazing Dream Team on the ground in January 2020. What better way to start the new year?

We have a few places left in our international group, where you will experience the wonders of Angkor Wat as well as our rural villages and schools. 8 days in beautiful Cambodia will change your life.

Fund & Name a Preschool
We have 11 new preschools and only 5 of them are funded and equipped for next school year starting on 1 November. It costs only $2000 to equip and maintain a preschool, teaching 25 little ones in local villages.

The early learning education is important and can set a child on the path to a brighter future and out of the cycle of poverty.

Please consider making your donation in the name of a loved one or in celebration of a life event. This holiday season instead of buying more consumer goods for your friends and family, sponsor a preschool instead.

We thank Tisa Olmer who has recently donated $2,000 for a preschool in honor of her Dad.
Donors who make a difference
Thanks to Joan Bayston from California who generously donated $6,000 for scholarships of 5 university students as well as 3 wells and latrines.

A big thanks to Kevin & Beth Hoffman who donated $1,500 toward a well and a latrine and whatever else is urgently needed.

Special thanks to our faithful New York donors, we know we can always count on your generous support. Gene Dunham $1,500 and Paul Christakos & Andrew Ng $1,000.
Volunteer Interns

We say a warm welcome to Prodipto Wahab , from Canada. Dipto will be working on our grants and database for the next 6 months.
Help Us Raise the Bar on #GivingTuesday 
Remember that Giving Tuesday comes after Black Friday . It is known as the day to give back to your favorite charity.

Mark your calendars for Tuesday 03 December .

Remember : Ordinary people can do extraordinary things to change lives - one child at a time .