St. Paul's Office & the Week After Easter

The week following Easter Sunday, April 5th - 9th, the St. Paul's office will be closed.

  • YES: Clergy IS available for pastoral emergencies. (Pastoral Care phone number: 267-4300)
  • NO: Staff unavailable from April 5th - 9th.
  • NO: No Friday Update on April 9th.
  • NO: No Morning Prayer April 5th - 9th. (Morning Prayer will be back on April 12th.)
  • YES: The Simple Saturday service will be held via Zoom on Saturday, April 10th.
  • NO: No St. Paul's Sunday Service on Sunday, April 11th.
  • YES: We hope you'll join us instead for the Sunday, April 11th diocesan worship service held live at 9:30 am. Details here.
  • NO: No Coffee Hour on Sunday, April 11th.

Prayers for the unconscious (ahem) resting staff during this time is much appreciated. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

No 4:30 pm service on Holy Saturday (April 3)

There will be NO 4:30 pm service tomorrow on Holy Saturday (April 3).

We hope you will join us at 7:30 pm for the Great Easter Vigil.
Easter approaches, and you are welcome to join us for online worship!

Saturday 7:30 pm: Live-Streamed Easter Vigil Worship Service
Sunday 6:00 am onwards: Easter Sunday Liturgy Worship Service
Sunday 6:00 am onwards: Easter Sunday Ageless Worship Service

Details and links to these services are available here.
"Sold Out!"

Thank you to everyone who RSVP'd for our Easter Sunday Outdoor Worship services. We have stopped taking reservations and do NOT have extra space available for "walk-ins." If you have not made a reservation, we hope you will join us online for worship.
Easter Alleluias with Illustrated Ministry

Links to some lovely Illustrated Ministry Easter "Alleluia" resources went out in an email earlier today. Check it out here.
Boxes of Love for the Homeless Event
On Saturday, March 27th, St. Paul's hosted a "Boxes of Love for the Homeless" event. Over 100 people experiencing homelessness stopped by and received a variety of services and goods. A quick summary of this touching event can be found here. Stay tuned for a video during the month of April!
Prayers of the People
During our online Sunday morning worship service this weekend, we will be lifting up the following households in our prayers, and asking for God's blessing in their lives:

Marie Jones; Thomas, Tammy, Angus, Luke, Katherine & Lydia Jameson; Beverly Jewell; David & Julie Johnson; Marie Jones; Palmer Jones;
Michael & Maria Jordan; Elisabeth Joslin;
William Kahlan; Suszanne Keach; Jon, Lianne, Simon & Abigail Keary;
Joe & Roberta Kieronski; Janet Killary
St. Paul's Clergy & Staff
Click on any of the names in blue for a link to their email address.

Rev. Kate Atkinson, Rector (Sabbath: Monday)
Rev. Peggy Schnack, Curate (Sabbath: Friday)
Rev. Cheryl Moore, Priest Associate (part-time)
Rev. Brother Charles Edward OLW, Deacon
Kristin Dunklee, Parish Administrator
Heather Maconaghy, Director of Music Ministries (part-time)
AshleyJane Boots, Communications Coordinator (part-time)