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A Vacation at Disney World  
for Stanley

Approximately 5 years ago Stanley's parents were desperately trying to find a placement that could help their son's extreme aggression and self-injurious behaviors and in turn save their son's life. Over the years Stanley had pulled out most of his own teeth even though his family and treating staff worked tirelessly with him to stop this severe behavior. 

Stanley arrived at JRC with only half his adult teeth. Initially, he was not able to access certain parts of the school building because his dangerous behaviors were so unpredictable and intense. Over time with consistent behavioral treatment and the right reinforcement schedule, including some of his favorites, such as Netflix and M&Ms, Stanley learned new replacement behaviors for the dangerous and disruptive behaviors that impeded his growth.


Today Stanley is able to enjoy preferred activities, visit with his family in NY, and make steady academic progress in the classroom! After five years at JRC, Stanley achieved a huge milestone and was able to go to Disney World for a week with his family this summer. His parents reported he was wonderfully behaved.

 Way to go Stanley!


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