Board of Directors

Kim Cahill
Mary Galeone, RSM
James Kopp
Arthur C. Lange
Jeanne Marconi, M.D.
Mary Theresa McCombe
Ellen McGlynn
Paul McLaughlin
Greg Spero
Debbra Stolarik
Diane Vezza
Laurie Wilson
$1,000 pays for a living room
$500 furnishes a bedroom
$250 buys a dinette set
$100 buys a comforter/pillow
Hearts to Homes is a 100% volunteer run organization, allowing every crucial dollar to fill a need!


This is the reality for too many foster kids!

If you've ever wondered what an apartment looks like before Hearts to Homes provides assistance, here is your answer, and it's not pretty.
That is what a young adult had been sleeping on for days before one of our partner agencies arrived with a Hearts to Homes' delivery - a few neatly laid out blankets and towels on a tile floor. Not even a mattress or a pillow. Sadly, this is not surprising. It is far too common an experience for young adults aging out of foster care. It is why Hearts to Homes was created.

As you might imagine, the first thing our partner agency did was call to see if we might be able to provide this young adult with a bed. Arrangements were quickly made.

But what amazes me the most about this story is that despite what you and I might consider a shocking lack of possessions, this young adult was enthusiastic about the future! Their appreciation for the household essentials that Hearts to Homes was providing was so great, that there was never even a thought to ask for just one more crucial item - a bed! 

I am asking for your donation today - Valentine's Day - to send a message from your heart that will change the experience of aging out of foster care in our area. As one of our donors has said, "These are young adults who have faced obstacles their whole lives. If we can remove any obstacle and help them on the road to success, that's what we are going to do."   Over 1,000 foster children age out of care in our area, and too many of them are sleeping in their new apartments with just blankets on the floor! We can help more young adults, but not without your support .

Please visit our website to make a donation right now. If you haven't yet seen the short video that explains why Hearts to Homes was created, I invite you to take just 3 1/2 minutes out of your day to hear for yourself why your donation is so important!  That video is the first thing you will see on our website.  Those 3 1/2 minutes are guaranteed to change your heart!
Thank you in advance for your support of Hearts to Homes and the young adults who benefit from our program! 

Mary Theresa McCombe
Executive Director
Hearts to Homes Furnishings, Inc.
51 Lindbergh Place
Yonkers, NY 10707