Left Photo: Chor. by M. Caldwell and L. Laberge- Côté. PVD New Toronto 2018. Photo by Henry Chan.; Middle Photo: Chor. by A. Nann with M. Silagy. PVD SV 2018. Photo by SVPhotography.; Right Photo: Lilia Leon leading the Flock Landing at Porch View Dances SV 2018. Photo by Diana Renelli.
While summer doesn't officially start for another month, at Kaeja, we like to get the festivities started early!

Can you tell that we really, really love summer?

Porch View Dances Mimico
June 1-2, 2019
We're so happy to be working with Lakeshore Arts for the third year in a row to bring you Porch View Dances in Etobicoke - this time in Mimico! Check out this great article from Toronto.com.

Heart of the Park
June 29-August 3, 2019
Witness the pulsing chambers of the Heart of the Park that will come to life with three magical dance performances amongst the trees, grass and foliage of FIFTEEN beloved Toronto parks. Audiences will then be invited to join in a participatory Flock Landing finale, a gentle movement experience for all ages.

Porch View Dances Seaton Village
July 17-21, 2019
Seaton Village once again becomes the stage for participants from all over the city! One of our families will grace us for a third year in a row with a special series highlighting their Indigenous roots. We will also be celebrating the newly inaugurated Porch View Dances Lane!

Top Photo: Chor. by M. Caldwell and L. Laberge- Côté. PVD New Toronto 2018. Photo by Henry Chan.; Middle Photo: Lilia Leon leading the Flock Landing at Porch View Dances SV 2018. Photo by Diana Renelli.; Bottom Photo: Chor. by K. and A. Kaeja. PVD SV 2018. Photo by SVPhotography.

Focused on what warms my heart this summer, our PVD Seaton Village and PVD Mimico community engagement festivals are coming up where Allen and I will have created 16 PVD works over 8 years in various communities across Ontario, plus head to Canada’s east side to create our 4th year of Downtown Dances Moncton with Atlantic Ballet Canada.

I get to be in the studio for another phase of creation for 2 commissions - Lucy Rupert (Blue Ceiling solo) and Chimera Project (Mal Nowacka and Brendan Wyatt duet) and mentoring Sylvie Moquin and Mal for their new works.

I am happy to be performing in Dérives and a top secret research project on the west side of our country!

Just completed a Kaeja Elevation (KE) focused Smartphone commercial to be released globally within the next couple of weeks. 

Preparing to bike through Tuscany for part of my 60 th  
B-Day activities in June.

Just completed reimagining Trace Elements (TE) with the REMARKABLE Rebecca Margolick. Rebecca is the daughter of Mary-Louise Albert, who originally commissioned myself to create TE for her in 2001.TE draws the parallels between history and the underlying prejudice that was beginning to emerge in the last decade against a deep belief in love, tradition and family. Its relevance today is undeniably terrifying…

A huge congrats to all of the Dora nominees!

We were so happy to see so many members of our extended family recognized for their amazing work this year. Here are just some of the great artists nominated this year :

Roshanak Jaberi and Jaberi Dance Theatre for No Woman's Land (for which Karen was Mentor and Choreographic Dramaturg)

Louis Laberge-Côté for The Art of Degeneration

Santee Smith with Jahra Wasasala and Marina Acevedo for  Blood Tides

Lilia Leon, Roula Said, and Roshanak Jaberi, part of the nominated ensemble for Stones

Andrea Nann and Dreamwalker Dance for All of Our Dreaming

William Yong, part of the nominated ensemble in Against the Grain's Kopernikus
Noémie Lafrance at the Bentway
June 7-8, 2019
Come see Karen perform in this new work by Noémie Lafrance created specifically for The Bentway site. It explores how our navigation of architecture and urban infrastructures is “choreographed” and investigates the political, social and cultural influences those choreographies impart on the human body and the social body. It is a site-specific work of “instructional choreography” created from a number of scripted instructions to be enacted by a group of 60 performers and the public across the full length of The Bentway site. More info here .
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