August 10th, 2017

Today's Pup Alert is all about two Guardian Puppies: Pomsky Female, XANADU'S TIGER LILY (formerly called Curly Sue by her Guardian) and Goberian Female, XANADU'S KINNIKINNIC (formerly called Ava by her Guardian). Photos of these youngsters are attached and descriptions follow.

Because almost ALL of our mature Guardian girls were in heat at once, bred at once and had pups at once (don't know WHAT was in the water!), after these two young Guardian females are placed, there will be break in our 2017 Breeding Schedule. There have been unannounced breedings--unannounced, because we do not have pregnancy confirmations. These breedings were Goberians, (possibly) a lower-shed Goberian litter, and possibly an F1b litter (Goberian bred back to a Golden Retriever). In the future, XANADU hopes to concentrate on these lineages, because temperament, trainability, intelligence, and good-family-dogness are uppermost among our breeding goals. All of the Goberians--the F1 X F1 crosses, The F1 crosses, the F1bs impress me greatly.

More about these possibilities later, and we do HOPE to have puppies between mid-October and Christmas. After Christmas, there MAY be another brief break--although there will be a couple of females whose breeding heats will happen at that time, and likely, we'll have mid-spring litters of puppies, too.

But for today, please note that these two Guardian females are the only females available for some time to come, that they are our "best" females, according to the goals for which XANADU breeds. (Please see XANADU Breeding Goals and Guardian Information). Basically, someone gets our best pup for the least amount of money; the puppy gets a wonderful home with a loving family, with their own trainers, veterinarian, groomer--all the qualities that make a dog's life fun and lucky. And I get to see that pup's characteristics in future XANADU litters.

Available Guardians:

$800 with two-litter Breeding Agreement
Tiger Lily is a beauty. She is cream with a partial blue eye and a happy personality. The Pomsky is an especially healthy and hardy breed, because the parent breeds have very few issues. Also, this is a currently VERY popular breed that requires veterinary intervention for insemination...and ordinarily, that makes the Pomsky very expensive ($2500-$5000 plus). Tiger Lily is included in the XANADU Breeding Program for the hardiness, the beauty, the companionability, the big-dog-in-a-smaller-body characterisitcs of a family dog with an active family.
Please see photos of cream-colored pup. This is our Tiger Lily. Poppa-Ashoka's photos are on our website: www.xanadoodle.com under "Breeding Dogs." Ashoka is a fine, good-natured family dog, as is Momma Sierra.

F1 GOBERIAN PUPPY, XANADU'S KINNIKINNIC (which is fun to say when you get the hang of it!)
$1000 with two-litter Breeding Agreement
Eve's Litter is our most popular Goberian litter of 2017. And Kinnikinnic is the "best of the best" according to our breeding goals. She has one blue and one hazel eye. Her coat is very soft and a lovely tri-color. And she is a super-sweet, calm puppy, too. It is hard to find a Retriever with great genetic characteristics; I had to breed a litter in order to have good breeding stock, like Momma Eve. Poppa UberKhan's photo is on the XANADU website under "Breeding Dogs," and he's a beauty, too, of course. Kinnikinnic's photos are of a dark tri-color pup.

If you are interested in either of these Guardian girls, you are welcome to call me at 970 626-9747 or (cell) 970 708-8030. Because emails are slow--and I'm slow finding when working with other XANADU matters, and especially when I am traveling, the only way to secure one of these females is with a phone call. At that time, we can discuss puppy-payment and puppy pick up. Our attached Guardian Information will let you know the qualifications for guardianship, so you can make a confident decision about becoming a Guardian partner with XANADU.

Still...you'll have questions...about a hundred. Please call me, and thank you for considering a XANADU puppy,

Sheron and XANADU Pack

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Xanadu Dogs, LLC

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Cell Phone (no texts): 970-708-8030